Stockade Botanic Park Elopement – Sheridyn & Chris

Sheridyn and Chris held a delightfully simple elopement at the Stockade Botanic park in Northern Adelaide on a beautiful, overcast day at the beginning of October!

Sheridyn and Chris opted to split their wedding day into two separate days due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with their ceremony at the Stockade Botanic Park, and their reception at the delightful Inglewood Inn mid next year! Hopefully they’ll be able to invite all their guests then!


Both Sheridyn and Chris were being prepared together in a house nearby, while still observing the tradition of not seeing each other while fully dressed in their wedding best before their ceremony. This meant that Chris put on his suit, then helped their little one get ready before heading out to Stockade Botanic Park before everyone else.

Shortly after Chris left, Sheridyn put on her dress and had a bit of fun with the family geting their little one to smile 🙂

Stockade Botanic Park Elopement

The number of people present to witness Sheridyn and Chris was kept to the bare minimum, while having me also act as their wedding videographer making sure they have a record of their big day in order to show all the guests that could not attend.

The park was showcasing some delightful colours, with greens and yellows galor seeping through the overcast sky, and with the area almost deserted, we really had the run of the entire area for Sheridyn and Chris’ intimate ceremony.

Their ceremony was beautifully simple, with contributions from mother and father by providing a short reading and acting as ring bearer.

Glamour Photos

The glorious thing about the Stockade Botanic Park is the beautiful green foliage flowing from the trees located within the retaining walls at the center of the park, while enjoying the ambient sounds of the waterfall located in the corner of the park.

After taking a small amount of family photos, and trying to get the little one to smile, we utilised the park to take some beautiful glamour photos!

I’m very much looking forward to covering Sheridyn and Chris’ reception at Inglewood Inn later next year!