Make It Memorable – 3 Wedding Themes to Choose From


3 Wedding Themes to Choose From

Weddings are life milestones that deserve every bit of your attention, but unfortunately, they’re not always easy to put together. You’ll need to consider every single aspect of the celebration, ensuring that even the smallest problem has a plan to set right. One of the most difficult things about wedding planning is following your vision.

As the bride, you will have a dream wedding in mind. You may want to incorporate the freshest tulips you can find, soiree music playing in the background, and a little touch of rustic elements for more personality. Your cake also needs to be decorated with the right elements, while your caterers need to provide not only the best menu, but topnotch service. More importantly, however, you’ll want your wedding to exude an all encompassing theme that will be the talk of the town.

3 Wedding Themes

Unfortunately, choosing a wedding theme can be even more difficult. To help make sure you choose the right one, we’ve gathered the most popular 3 wedding themes of all time—and how you can make your wedding dreams come true:

Theme #1: Marry Me In The Countryside

For those looking for a rustic wedding

Rustic is one of the most popular wedding themes in the modern world. It’s so popular that it seems that most couples always choose this particular theme. Celebrations mostly happen in the countryside, with farms and lush rolling hills adorning the setting. There’s also a lot of green and natural wood involved, giving off a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that enables couples to focus on one crucial fact: having fun!

You’ll have all the liberty to incorporate do-it-yourself items into your overall wedding plans, especially when it comes to invitations and other decorations. For a nice touch of romantics, however, make sure to invest in flowers! The contrast of green and wood will look well in photos, perfect for display in your future living room!

Theme #2: Falling In Love During Afternoon Tea

For those looking for a garden wedding

If you wish to explore more of the outdoors but find rustic a little too relaxed for your tastes, a garden wedding strikes the perfect balance. You’ll get a sense of a rustic feel due to the use of greens and browns, but having your wedding in a sophisticated garden can easily make you feel like a queen. You could decorate the guest tables with floral arrangements, with afternoon tea and finger cakes served throughout the celebration.

For a little bit more fun, make sure to bring out the rose and champagne glasses once the sun sets! You can easily convert the garden into a setting with twinkling lights, which can feel like you’re celebrating under the stars. Both day and night settings will translate beautifully across photos, leaving you with an album to revisit for years to come.

Theme #3: Love In Glamour

For those looking to embrace contemporary

If you wish to wow your guests and truly become the talk of the town, you may want to go for a glamorous and contemporary wedding theme. These weddings are also known as luxe weddings, essentially focusing on all things glam, aesthetic, and maximalist. You’ll want huge floral installations, outrageous menus, tiers of wine glasses on display, and perhaps even an ice sculpture!

For a truly fun night, consider incorporating some pyrotechnics on the dance floor, and oh–a cocktail bar will be a nice touch. These weddings will fair well with city locations, so make sure to choose a grand ballroom or perhaps a rooftop overlooking the city.

Work With The Best Wedding Photography Services

Finding the right wedding theme can be extremely difficult, but the results are always worth it. Once you find the perfect one, everything will fall into place—your cake, your menu, your flowers, and even your invitations and playlist choice! The most important thing to remember is to be yourself—it can be easy to be overwhelmed with other people’s opinions, but remember that this is your wedding. Make the most of it by celebrating your love!

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5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Wedding Photographer


Find the Right Wedding Photographer

The photos on your wedding day are crucial because they will last for a lifetime—they have to be perfect, and every detail must be captured. After all, you only get married once, and this is a huge milestone in your life. The task to find the right wedding photographer may feel a bit overwhelming for soon-to-wed couples because of the many choices available, so I hope I can help out!

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Wedding Photographer

If you are in the process of choosing a photographer for your big day, here’s a simple guide to help you hire the best one that will suit your needs:

Consider Your Style

It’s your wedding, so you need to consider the style of photos you want to achieve on the day. You might want something fun and quirky, or perhaps something relaxing and more intimate as you dance with your partner. You can check out our portfolio to get some ideas of the styles we can produce for you. As you browse through photography styles, narrow your list of photographers that match your taste.

Look Into The Photographer’s Experience

A photographer may have years of photography experience but have only started capturing weddings, or maybe they are just starting out? It’s essential that you hire a photographer who has years of experience in a wedding setting.

Their experience is instrumental in achieving the images that you want because it’s extremely useful in high-pressure situations like weddings. If a photographer doesn’t have a lot of experience in weddings, they may end up feeling overwhelmed in the “chaos” behind-the-scenes just to capture moments of your big day.

Read Customer Reviews

After narrowing down your prospective list of wedding phtoographers, you still need to know what clients say about them to get an idea on their service and work ethics. For this reason, you need to take some time to read reviews, and the easiest way to find reviews is online—whether on their website, social media, or other platforms.

Likewise, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with asking for referrals directly from the photographer, but online reviews on platforms that cannot be surated by the photographer tend to be more reliable to get a better idea.

By reading reviews, you get a firmer grasp on the service you will receive. There is an organisation called ABIA that has wedding vendors rated not just on the product produced, but also the clients experience with them, so have a look at the reviews posted there along with the usual sources like Facebook or Google.

Guarantee Consistent Quality

At this stage, you’re almost about to hire a photographer—they have an excellent portfolio, years of experience, and positive reviews. However, you also need to check their level of consistency. You need to make sure the style you want will flow through the whole album––one that is filled with an album of stunning photos, not only one or two beautiful captures.

Make sure the quality of photos remains consistent all throughout the day as well. If you want to confirm this, you can ask for several wedding albums to check their consistency.

What I like to do is walk a prospective new wedding couple through a similar wedding I had covered in the past. That way a couple can imagine themselves in those photos much easier! To find the right wedding photographer you really need to check what it is exactly you’ll be recieveing as a result of their services.

Know Their Backup Plans

Every photographer must always have several back-ups when plans don’t go accordingly on a wedding day. Ask your photographer about their backup plans, such as if one of their staff is unwell, if the weather changes on the shoot and wedding day, or if there’s an emergency. By asking how they will handle delays and issues, you will be at ease or will want to reconsider your decision.

Being a registered business, being adequately insured and being a member of professional bodies can also help you make up your mind!

Always follow what your instinct tells you when you need to find the right wedding photographer for you. Although it’s crucial that you go through the factors we’ve listed above, you should also consider how you feel about the photographer as you interview them. Remember, you will want to be able to work with someone you know and will be comfortable with!

Are you looking for excellent wedding photographers in Australia? At Sven Studios, we will craft precious memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime. We cover weddings in Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra, and willing to travel wherever else we may be needed! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Tips for Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments


Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments

For parents, having a baby is exciting. The moment you welcome your child into the world, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make them experience only the good things that life has to offer. You will want to take care of them forever and ensure they grow up in a safe and loving environment.

A newborn baby is fragile, precious, and hard to take your eyes off of—but time goes by fast for them. Before you know it, your newborn has turned a year older. As great an achievement as that might be, it can seem like a sad and fleeting moment for you, which is why you’ll want to keep that memory of your newborn for just a little longer. If you want to capture your newborn’s first moments perfectly, you should consider hiring a professional newborn photographer to do so.

A photographer who’s willing to document your newborn baby’s first moments requires dedication, patience, and passion for babies. Keep reading below to find out the essential tips you need to remember with newborn photography.

Tips for Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments

Follow the Photographer’s Instructions

If you want the photoshoot to be successful, it’s crucial to follow all the instructions of your photographer. It’s not just about getting the perfect poses from your baby, but it’s also about making sure they’re comfortable and free from any pressure – also for safety reasons. You should already expect your newborn to cry, or not exactly be helpful while taking shots — but for things to continue as planned, it would help if you listened to what the photographer says.

Depending on your agreement and the style of shoot you’re aiming for, the shoot can be done in a studio, in your home or on locations like a park. Whichever you prefer, you can still expect to receive excellent results given that you listen to them; after all, newborn photographers have the skills and experience to produce beautiful photos.

Know Your Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

Newborn babies tend to sleep a lot, and more often than not, they won’t have a fixed sleeping schedule. Despite that, it’s vital to keep track of the time they’re awake for several hours and when they’re checked out for the rest of the day.

Before the shoot, it would help if you booked a session when you know your newborn will be sleepy for at least two hours, which can give the photographer enough time to take the photos. having your little one asleep actually helps set up a cute shot without too much fuss.

On the other hand, if you want photos of your newborn’s beautiful eyes, make sure you have plenty of distractions and ample food for when they inevitably become cranky! That’s because a newborn baby typically isn’t too big of a fan of being away from their Mummy or daddy for too long, and being on a posing beanbag for too long is a new experience they may not find comfortable.

Learn to Read Your Newborn’s Body Language

After two weeks, newborn babies tend to become uncomfortable due to the different experiences they start to feel in their bodies. That’s why if you’re hiring a newborn photographer, it’s essential to figure out your baby’s body language!

While each baby offers a unique personality, there are still techniques known to work on almost all babies to get them to calm down and keep them from crying. Take note that newborns shouldn’t be forced to pose right away. Instead, make it your mission to keep them comfortable during the entire photoshoot—the poses will then come naturally!

You also have to be prepared for the worst, including the relentless crying of newborns. In fact, bawling babies can be part of the art of newborn photography, especially if captured well. But if you prefer favourable outcomes, you have to do everything it takes to prevent them from becoming upset.

Capturing your baby’s first few weeks with the help of a newborn photographer is a one-of-a-kind experience because you get to witness your baby in a different setting and you’ll have memories in photographic form for ever more. As long as you make sure to follow what the photographer says, be familiar with your newborn’s schedule, and learn how to read their body language, you can expect the photoshoo of your newborn’s first moments to become a success!

Are you looking for a reliable newborn photographer in Adelaide to capture your baby’s first moments? Sven Studios is committed to documenting your precious memories, whether it’s photographing your newborn, shooting your family portrait, or encapsulating your wedding day. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!



4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot – Our Guide


Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

People relish in memories—a household or two would have wedding memorabilia safely stored away or on display for generations to experience. Some invest in memoirs to keep their legacy alive, but for the majority, photographs are the most ideal way to keep memories alive.

The birth of a child, for instance, is a milestone that deserves a celebration. Many come to our studio for newborn photoshoots, to keep the memory of the arrival of their precious angel alive forever.

While taking a newborn’s photo may seem straightforward, a lot of work and rules need to be laid out to ensure a successful newborn photoshoot. In our years of experience, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to ensure the success of your photoshoot. We share our secrets to success, in the hopes that you create photographs of your child your family and friends will love!

4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

Tip #1: Consider the lighting options

As you may very well know, newborn babies are sensitive, especially when it comes to flash. If you want to have a quality photoshoot, opt for an area of your home where natural light is aplenty. You can either start early in the morning or the afternoon, so long as the sun offers you the best possible lighting for the photoshoot.

Do consider your options—natural light may produce good photos, but don’t let the magic of shadows pass you by. You may have window coverings that produce interesting shapes, so never hesitate to play around the room. If you’re working with a professional photographer, allow them to play around with the lighting! Alternatively I also love heading outside, particularly on a cloudy day!

When I’m working in a studio setting, the huge flash is always covered by a muting filter and I slowly ease the little one into having it flash. The first few shots from the shoot are usually not the best, but once they get used to it, it can work well.

Tip #2: Dedicate ample time

Newborns demand a lot of time and attention, and that will naturally transcend to the day of your photoshoot. Make sure to wake up extra early to gather and arrange everything you need, including snuggles, feedings, and clothing changes. Photographers understand that babies need ample care, and any disruptions during the shoot will be met with patience.

All you need to do is to ensure that you schedule your day accordingly, with extra room for changes, diaper accidents, burping needs, and other baby needs. Don’t fret—professional photographers would be more than willing to wait!

This all being said however, try not to spend too long actually in front of a camera. Little ones don’t tend to react well to doing something they arent used to for too long, so as soon as they show signs of ‘cracking’ make sure you comfort them ASAP.

Tip #3: Allow your photographer to see your everyday life

This is connected to the previous tip, but as you feed, change diapers, and snuggle with your baby, allow your photographer the chance to see your everyday routines. They would make for amazing photos, especially since your newborn can only be posed so much in a fairy costume.

While your photographer has your desired photos in mind, the little moments make up for some of the best newborn photos. That’s certainly how I work with most clients, as the soft and quiet moments between a mother, a father, and the baby turn out to be what they’re looking for.

Tip #4: Broaden your perspective

Taking photos of your baby in cute clothing is the main goal, as with family photos that proudly show off your precious one. Your baby will naturally end up tired, prompting a feeding session and a nap. As they’re indisposed, allow your photographer to roam once more and take photographs of the nursery.

That stuffed animal by the corner next to the crib can be an amazing shot, as with those tiny baby shoes right next to dad’s boots. These may not be significant now, but once your child graduates from college, these baby items will be long gone—to have proof that they once existed will be incredible and really is the main goal of a successful newborn photoshoot.

Making Memories to Cherish With Your Newborn

The prospect of a successful newborn photoshoot session is exciting, especially since you know that you’re solidifying a happy memory that will be fleeting. It entails hard work, however, especially since babies are beings that need round the clock attention and love. You will need to incorporate your care routine into your sessions, but the tips we’ve mentioned above intricately weave best of both worlds together and hopefully help create a successful newborn photoshoot.

For the best newborn photography services in Adelaide, Sven Studios has you covered. We primarily offer wedding photography solutions, but we’ve worked with countless families that capture newborn baby moments—we make them fun and relaxed, ensuring that you have photos you’ll be proud to display forever. Work with our talented team—reach out today.




3 Tips to Consider for a Smooth Family Portrait Session


Preparing for a smooth family portrait session

Family portraits are a classic in almost every household, but the ear-to-ear grin, effortless poses, and loud personality behind each imagery aren’t as simple to capture as you would think. From screaming children, camera-shy teens, to impatient moms or dads, there are various factors that can make or break your smooth family portrait session.

Family photoshoots are tough for professional photographers too, especially since there are tight deadlines and temperamental subjects to consider. With that in mind, the simple tips below should help you nail your photoshoot and strike the perfect pose with your family:

3 Tips to Consider for a Smooth Family Portrait Session

Tip #1: Choose The Location That Suits Everyone

A picture at the beach with the sun beaming down everyone’s shining faces may look visually stunning, but behind the scenes, not all members can beat the heat on a hot summer’s day. The same goes for a snapshot of your family in a winter wonderland, as standing in uncomfortable conditions won’t make it realistic for everyone.

With that in mind, be sure to pick a time, day, and location where everyone can stay comfortable for an extended period. It’s also a good idea to have a back-up option when shooting outdoors, so you can get ahead of unexpected weather reports.

I personally actually prefer to shoot in a shaded, wooded area. It makes for a much easier shoot without any harsh shadows or highlights streaming across people’s faces, and people tend to appreciate that!

Tip #2: Wear Or Bring The Right Clothing

It’s often a good idea to change into themed clothing when everyone is ready to shoot, especially if it’s for a festive holiday set in an outdoor backdrop. This ensures everyone stays comfortable for the most part of the shoot, but if you find yourself experiencing a cold snap, always go for a look where everyone can feel cozy.

Forcing everyone to follow a dress code may result in sour moods and unwillingness to have fun in front of the camera, which will mostly reflect in your images. To that end, it’s best to discuss clothing plans with the family so everyone can agree on the right outfit to wear for the shoot.

Tip #3: Be Sure To Prep Your Kids

Kids that are bored, hungry, and see no purpose in what you are doing can often result in a disastrous portrait. If you want to ensure they stay in their best behavior, at least, for the most part, talking to them beforehand should give them an idea of what to expect in the photoshoot.

Giving an incentive such as ending the shoot with a treat – be it ice cream or dinner to their favorite place – are some simple ideas that push your kids to join the bandwagon with you. It can also help to choose a location which you know your little one has enjoyed in the past and make it a bit of an outing. The best family photographers can work without being overbearing and forceful on children.

The Bottom Line: Preparation Is Key When Unlocking The Ideal smooth family portrait session

Family portraits capture special moments between your loved ones, but the picture-perfect imagery isn’t as easy to achieve. Ideas can clash, outfits don’t match, and some members are too shy to let loose in front of the camera.

Working with the right photographer can make all the difference – be it in breaking the ice or finding everyone’s best angles. Speaking of which, SvenStudios are experienced, award winning professional photographers in Australia that can capture a family portrait that is worth keeping for generations.

Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!