Launch of Steven Duncan ART

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Steven Duncan ART, at

Working in my free time recently, I’ve developed a website dedicated to the art side of my photography. is now wholly dedicated to the wedding photography and event coverage side of my business, where at Steven Duncan ART will be dedicated to Fine Art prints. I’m an award winning photographer in not only wedding photography, but also Landscape, Illustrative, and even Science photography. I also like to dabble in digital painting and concept art.

Steven Duncan ART

Steven Duncan ART

Steven Duncan ART will showcase all my my fine art pieces I produce while not shooting weddings. I’m also a huge fan of digital painting and concept art, so I’ll also be using the site for that. I understood that the majority of visitors to SvenStudios were looking for their wedding photographer, as opposed to a fine art landscape photographer, which is the reason for developing this new website.

If you’re looking for a nice fine art print of a landscape, or painting I’ve developed, Steven Duncan ART also provides a secure shop to buy prints.

If you’re a fan of landscape or fine art photography, or just my photography and art in general, please visit Steven Duncan ART, and please support me by liking the Steven Duncan ART Facebook page.

Instagram and 500px Social Networks

Recently I’ve been sharing some of my more artsy photographs on the mobile app known as instagram and 500px so as to gain some traction in the social media scene. The benefit of being successful on social media sites such as instagram and 500px are that I’m able to showcase my work to a much broader audience than if I simply stick to my usual blog and facebook account. As such I’d very much like you as my followers on my blog and on Facebook to also consider following me on instagram and 500px.


Instagram has become a huge cultural phenomenon mostly used for people taking selfies or pic of the food they’re about to eat. But instagram is also a great social networking opportunity for photographers to showcase their work to many followers instantly. Also followers who are fans of such photographers are also to see what they’re up to next.As such I’d like to invite you to follow me on instagram by visiting my profile page here. If you do follow me on instagram you will be updated whenever I upload a new image. I may upload an image from my landscape, wedding or any other gallery.




I’ve also joined up a more professional version of instagram called 500px, where 500px is to instagram as the louvre is to your local cafe. Again 500px is a social network, but with a difference, only really good photographers manage to do well on the site. It’s certainly worth a browse and again I’d like to invite you to follow me here for updates on my best work. 500px does not limit you to a square format so it really allows a photographer’s image to be shown in it’s full intended glory. Eventually I’m also able to sell my work on 500px, where as doing so on instagram requires a bit of extra work. Even if you don’t follow me on 500px, the social networking site with well worth a visit to see so extraordinary work by some of the best modern photographers alive today.



2014 National AIPP Photography Awards

This weekend saw the 2014 AIPP National Photography Awards being held in Sydney. The AIPP (Australian Institute for Professional Photography) hold these photography awards each year to showcase the best photography Australia has to offer. Each state also holds their own photography awards to showcase more local photography, but this time around, the National photography awards are supposed to showcase the best of the states. Myself, in the past have been reasonably successful in both the states and national competitions winning numerous awards including but not limited to a Gold in the national science category while I was a student photography and more recently second place in the SA state photography awards’ Contemporary Photographic Art category.

I’m pleased to announce that I have added two more awards to my lengthening list of photographic accomplishments. A silver award in both the illustrative and landscape categories, with my other two entries in the wedding and travel categories scored in the high professional practice range.

The way the photography awards work is that there are a panel of 5 judges who are respected professionals in their own right who view each printed image. They each give a score out of 100, and they are then averaged to give a final score. Any score above 80 wins an award. 70 and above is considered professional standard, 80 is a silver award, 85 is silver with distinction, 90 is a gold award and 95 is gold with distinction.

2014 AIPP Photography Awards results

The below two images both scored a respectable 82 in the landscape and illustrative categories. awarding me with two solid silver awards at this year’s AIPP National Awards. As a bit of a side effect of my success over the last few years I may be eligible for an AIPP honour elevating me from a usual accredited AIPP member up to an associate of the AIPP, which would be awesome. I’ll find out about that in the next few weeks.

Shimmer photographic exhibition

I recently opened my Shimmer photographic exhibition ‘The Real Japan’ being held at the Aldinga Library as part of the Onkaparinga Shimmer photographic biennale. Last weekend and unfortunately it seemed that not many people were able to come, so I figured id post the images on display on here in the hope it entices some of you to pay a visit to my Shimmer exhibition. Remember all works on display are available for sale.

Shimmer ‘The Real Japan’ Exhibition info

Having lived in Japan for over 2 years, and being currently employed as a Japanese teacher, much of Steven’s work portrays a landscape of Japan not many people tend to associate with the country. Steven enjoys showing people the vivid colours and rolling landscapes of the countryside of Japan, along with traditional architecture and her vibrant people.

Too often people automatically assume the country consists solely of Japan’s cities, generally because that’s what most people’s experience of Japan is. This exhibition’s goal is to give a glimpse into the ‘real’ Japan. That is, the country that Steven has explored and learnt to love outside the concrete metropolis stereotype. Some of the images on display have won awards through the State AIPP and National AIPP photography awards and also have gained recognition through the inaugural Federal government initiative ‘Art’s in Asia’.

Remember the exhibition is open until the end of the festival on the 28th of September at the Aldinga Library.

Also please make sure you vote for my exhibition so I have a chance on winning the Robert McFarlane Prize as best of the festival.

2 Travel Silvers from the 2014 SAPPA awards

Coming off the back of a very successful silver with distinction showing in this year’s AIPP creative photographic arts awards last week, this weekend brings around the 2014 SAPPA awards. The 2014 SAPPA awards, or ‘South Australian Professional Photography Awards’ is set up much differently to the CPA awards where images are judges individually rather than as part of an overarching portfolio theme.

Today the judging focused mainly on the categories that generally don’t focus on human objects. ie: Landscape, Illustrative and Travel categories. In these 2014 SAPPA awards I entered into the travel and wedding categories, with the wedding category being judged tomorrow. Basically the way the awards work is that a single print is presented to a panel of 5 judges and each of them give a score out of 100. a score over 70 indicates professional practice, 80 a silver award, 85 silver with distinction, 90 for gold and 95 for gold with distinction. Obtaining any score above the 80 scoreline is a huge achievement and a big honour.

2014 SAPPA – Travel category silver awards

I entered the 2014 SAPPA travel category with the maximum allowed 4 prints with images I took around the pacific. 2 images are  from Tasmania, 1 from Tahiti and 1 from Hawaii. I received 2 silver awards from these with the other 2 being judged in the high professional practice range.

81 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

81 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

This image I took at wineglass bay whilst on a trip around Tasmania. I achieved the silky effect of the water via a long exposure with a heavy ND filter during the day. The beach itself as an amazing hidden part of Australia only accessible via a tough hilly hike.


80 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

80 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

This is a scene on the coastline of Honolulu, Hawaii






2014 SAPPA – Travel category professional practice

79 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

79 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

The sofitel hotel in Tahiti.


78 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards

78 score at the 2014 SAPPA awards



A scene in the cradle mountain national park in Tasmania




The 2014 SAPPA awards continue tomorrow at the Marden senior college and the judging is open to the public if you’re interested in gaining an insight into how industry awards work and also to see a marvellous display of the best photography South Australia has to offer. If you can’t make it they are live streaming the judging of the  portrait, wedding and family categories tomorrow here.