6 Tips to Plan the Best Summer Wedding Photoshoot

Summer Wedding Photoshoot

While weddings can take place at any time of the year, planning a wedding in the Summer months and surrounds will always be the most common. Choosing this season for your special day comes with several benefits: The warmer months allows for beautiful tree foliage, more reliable weather, you have more options for venues, and you have extra hours of daylight perfect for capturing your wedding photos at your summer wedding photoshoot.

More daylight means more opportunities for great wedding photography, but it also comes with a unique problem. Wedding receptions usually take place during the early evening, which means the photo session will likely occur from early to mid-afternoon, missing out of the sunset and golden hour! While this time gives you bright light to capture the best wedding photos, there is also the problem of excessive heat that may leave couples and guests sweaty and thirsty.

6 Tips to Plan the Best Summer Wedding Photoshoot

There is no need to worry, though, because there are steps you can take to prepare for this beautiful yet sweltering weather to make the most of your summer wedding photoshoot.

#1 Prepare your family shot list

You may already know in your heart all the people who need to be part of the shot list, but it is always better to put it on paper so that you do not forget. Plan this together with your photographer, as they know how to make it more efficient. They can recommend the best sequence and the best combinations to ensure that no time is wasted.

#2 Have a plan

A well-planned timeline will make sure that everyone’s photo is taken and that you have all the shots you need. It is also a sure way to minimize the time people get exposed to the sun. With a planned timeline in hand, you gain more control over how the shoot will take place. The less time you spend outside in the sun, the better it is for everyone.

#3 Specify your locations

Apart from having a schedule to follow, you should also identify the specific spots in the venue where you will take your photos. Variety is always helpful in making your photos memorable. Having locations in mind is also beneficial when scheduling the shot sequence, allowing you to advise people on where they should go.

For example, if you are taking portraits or family photos, choose a location with open shade. Since family photos are usually taken around mid-day, selecting the right location will prevent exposing people to too much glare and heat.

#4 Include breaks in your schedule

There is a chance that you will try to keep everything on a tight schedule to finish on time. However, keep in mind that breaks are necessary, especially under the scorching heat. You also need to have time for makeup retouches or refreshments to ensure that you look fresh and glowy in your photos. Your guests also need to do the same.

Moreover, taking short breaks can make you feel less pressured. Having extra time is also useful in case something unexpected happens.

#5 Assign an organiser

Of course, you cannot do everything on your own. It is your wedding, after all, so do not even attempt it. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, ask a close friend to take charge of keeping the photoshoot as scheduled. I’m generally pretty good at this as a wedding photographer, but it always helps to have someone also looking out for the time.

Any event needs to have someone who will oversee everything, ensure that the schedule is followed, and the photos of everyone on the list are taken. This is a huge responsibility you cannot do by yourself. No matter how much you want to, you cannot keep on worrying and going back and forth to call on people on your big day.

#6 Make sure to capture the magical summer light

A summer wedding will not be complete without the summer sunset shot. Check ahead what time and where the sun will set on your wedding day, and make sure to go to that place at least one hour before the schedule. Take as many photos and videos as you can during the golden hours and try to capture a dreamy wedding photo you can treasure forever.

A summer wedding photoshoot is a dream time for many. Minimize the stress by following our tips above. On the day of your wedding, your only concern should be to look and feel your best in front of that beautiful sunset backdrop.

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