It’s a rare occurrence when I’m asked to cover a wedding on a Thursday, but Faith and Ryan’s Registry Office wedding was one such occasion. Faith and Ryan were keen on getting the hassle of the actual wedding part over and done with in order to get to the party afterwards which is why they opted to take advantage of my ‘engagement shoot’ package for their wedding. In this case I was present for their wedding on the Grenfell st Registry Office in the Adelaide CBD, and then around 50 minutes or so walking about the CBD taking photos.

Registry Office wedding ceremony

As the usual registry office chapel was still under renovations, even since last time I covered a registry wedding, Faith and Ryan’s wedding took place in the smaller backup chapel that overlooks the CBD skyline. Their party was a small intimate one consisting of around 20-30 people. Everyone was happy and cheerful and happy to be there which is always fun to be a part of 🙂

Glamour photoshoot

Directly after the wedding ceremony Faith, Ryan and I took a walk around some of the more choice locations around the Adelaide CBD for wedding photos. First we head off across the road to the Adelaide Arcade which provides for some lovely old-style architecture in an epic scene looking down the entire arcade. Then we head over to North terrace where we took advantage of the historic old buildings of Adelaide University. It was so refreshing not having to compete with other weddings for these choice locations as I would normally have to do at a Saturday wedding. Finally we head over the Torrens for a few shots along the river.

All in all this short little wedding around the Adelaide CBD was a lot of fun and produced some lovely shots! I hope Faith and Ryan enjoy their wedding photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 🙂

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