Authentic Bridal Bouquet Charms

Made in Adelaide, Australia

Every bride deserves a bouquet that tells a story. In the heart of Adelaide, we craft bespoke bridal bouquet charms that do just that. These delicate pieces are not just ornaments; they’re memories, sentiments, and stories wrapped around the most special bouquet of the night.

Select the style of Bridal bouquet memorial charm you’d like made and we’ll send it out toot sweet!

Why Choose Our Bridal Bouquet Charms?

  1. Personal Touch: Our bouquet charms add a unique and personal touch to your bridal bouquet, ensuring that every detail of your wedding resonates with meaning.
  2. Memory Lane: These charms serve as a beautiful reminder of those who couldn’t be there on your special day. Whether it’s a photo of a loved one or a vintage brooch that belonged to your grandmother, our charms keep them close.
  3. Versatile Designs: From silver oval pendants to heart-shaped charms, antique tones to modern designs, we have something for every bride. Want a charm with a short verse or a specific date? We’ve got you covered.
  4. Quality Craftsmanship: Handmade in Adelaide, our charms are crafted with precision and love. We ensure that each piece is perfect and resonates with the emotions of your big day.


  • How do you attach a bridal bouquet charm? Our charms are designed to seamlessly integrate with any bouquet. They can be wrapped around the stems using the included ribbon or attached using an ornate safety pin, ensuring they remain secure throughout the ceremony.
  • How do you make a wedding bouquet keepsake? Our charms are made with coloured metals and either glass or resin cabochons (type depends on the charm selected) Your photo is printed and trimmed to fit the charm and secured with jewellery-grade resin-based adhesive ensuring they stay together through any trial!
  • What can I do with my memorial charm after the wedding? Our memorial charms can be transformed into keepsakes post-wedding. Many brides choose to wear them as necklaces or incorporate them into other jewelry pieces, ensuring the memories stay alive.
  • Why do brides carry bouquets? Bouquets have been a wedding tradition for centuries, symbolizing fertility, love, and happiness. Today, they also serve as a personal expression of the bride’s style and personality.
  • What color bouquet should a bride carry? The choice of bouquet color often complements the wedding theme or the bride’s dress. However, there’s no hard and fast rule. Choose a color that resonates with you and your story. It’s also why we offer a variety of different bridal charms to best suit your style!

Ordering and Delivery:

No need to stress about cropping or coloring your photos for your photo charms; we handle all the details. Just send us your image, specify any special requests, and let us craft your perfect charm. Located in Adelaide, we ship Australia-wide and internationally (by request), ensuring every bride can have a piece of our craftsmanship.