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Have us Live Stream your wedding!

If you are having SvenStudios cover your wedding photography or videography, we can also live stream your wedding ceremony as a free service!

Sorry we do not offer this as a stand alone service.

It’s often the case where you make so many plans and accomodations for all your wedding guests and yet there is always a situation where a couple of people you’d really love to be there just cannot for whatever reason.

The next best thing to having them actually at your wedding is setting up a live stream of your ceremony so that they can watch in real time the two of you sharing your wedding vows. We’d be super keen on setting this up for you!

The COVID-19 Pandemic during 2020 has caused the wedding industry to be very much put on hold with strict travel conditions forcing guests that might live interstate or internationally to not attend weddings until the travel restrictions can be relaxed.

Setting up a live stream of your wedding is the easiest and best way to involve these guests at your wedding in real time.

Augment your Live Stream with Virtual Reality!

While the internet in Australia is set up well to accmodate the live streaming of a regular video at full HD (which is what we use for our live streaming). We can also make use of the latest in Virtual Reality technology to immerse your guests at your wedding using a VR headset, or just simply their smartphone!

We film our virtual reality video in 5.7k which tends to overwhelm people’s internet connections when live streaming (in Australia) so while we wait for Ausralia to play catch up with the rest of the world in regards to internet bandwidth, we will record your wedding ceremony and then upload it a little later for both your guests and yourselves to relive the happiest moment of your life!