Super 8 and 8mm Film to Digital Conversion Service

Have you found some 8mm or Super 8 film rolls that hold precious images of your life, or the life of your loved ones? If you’re interested in converting those cherished memories into a digital format, then your search ends here!

We offer a simple, effective, Adelaide-based film to digital conversion service to transfer your 3-5in (50-200feet) 8mm film rolls to a digital file with varying options, including :-

  • Scanning in high definition or 4k (upscaled)
  • Converting a negative film into positive
  • Delivery via digital download
  • Cropping, or not cropping film artefacts from the image



Convert Super 8 to Digital

The best time to convert your Standard 8 and Super 8 silent film to a digital format is yesterday, the second best time is NOW! If your 8mm films date back to the 1960s or 1970s, converting them to a digital format ensures their preservation without the risk of further deterioration.

Our conversion services offer a fast turnaround time with state-of-the-art technology.

We utilize a frame-by-frame digital film scanner to capture the best film to digital conversion from your treasured Super 8 and Standard 8 silent films. Our scanning systems exceed older conversion methods that can lead to flickering, jittering, poor contrast, hot spots in the image, poor focus, and washed-out colors.

We stand by our scanning service as we use this with our Super 8 Wedding Video service, so you know it’s good!

We deliver your scan in MPEG4 (H264) video files, compatible with any PC or Mac computer. MPEG4 (H264) is a high-quality file and industry standard.

Simply place an order with us by selecting the transfer service below and mail in your film roll!

Super 8 or 8mm to Digital Conversion Pricing

  • HD Scan of 3in (50ft) Roll
  • HD Scan of 5in (200ft) Roll
  • HD Scan of 7in (400ft) Roll

Optional Add-ons

  • 4k upscaled scan
  • Conversion of Negative to Positive image
  • USB of digital files

Please get in touch if you need any further info!