Super 8 Wedding Videography

Want to make your wedding day memories feel like they were shot in the 70s? Try out our retro wedding videography shot on authentic Super 8mm film!

Super 8 was a film format that was really popular back in the 70s for home movies, and it’s seen a huge revival of popularity due to it’s beautiful, nostalgic quality – which is perfect for wedding videos!

Kodak still makes high quality film for these ancient cameras and it’s a great way to add a vintage vibe to your wedding memories. If you’re all about that classic, boho-retro look, get in touch and ask about our super 8 wedding videos!

Super 8 cameras are super fun to use, and the sound the make is awesome! We’ll run around at your wedding and capture all the important moments from your big day. As a result you’ll get a 3-minute Super 8 Wedding Film set to music, I’ll also send through the actual developed film.

You can have us capture a Wedding Film shot on Super 8 on its own or add it to a Wedding Photography or Wedding Video Package at a discounted price.

Super 8 Wedding Videography examples

More Details about Super 8mm

Vintage wedding videography FAQ

How is this different to normal Wedding Videography?

Super 8mm is more about preserving a feeling. It has a nostalgic and intimate quality, similar to something you might discover in your grandparents’ collection. Modern wedding videography is usually produced nice and sharp, with a multitude of modern equipment – sometimes you mgiht think you’re standing on a set of a small production!

A Super 8 wedding film is shot with a single camera, and as it is shot solely on film with no backup, there is an inherent risk involved in using Super 8mm, making it riskier than digital. But that’s just part of the charm!

Does a Super 8 Wedding Video have sound?

Super 8mm cameras do not capture sound. However, you can choose to enhance the memories of your day by pairing them with your preferred music track. I have a selection of royalty-free music – or you can choose whatever, but there are legal copyright obligations if you were to choose this.

Who will be responsible for shooting the Super 8mm footage on the day? Also, is it possible to hire your team exclusively for a retro super 8 video?

For weddings who have opted to have a Super 8 wedding video made, I simply strap my super 8 camera to my Batman utility belt ™ and whip it out when the opportunity arises!

Depending on the date and some other factors we’d also be available to soleyl produce a super 8 film for you! Need only ask!

Super 8 Film Digitisation service

If perchance you’ve found this page looking for a super 8 film digitisation service, happy to say that SvenStudios can offer this also as all the Super 8 film we produce is digitised in house.

With options ranging from high definition scans to 4k, and transferral to USB or DVD, or direct download, allow us to transfer your precious memories to an easier to watch, and more permanent digital file.