Relive your wedding through our simple, but cinematic videography

Few things evoke an emotion such as sitting down and watching yourself on the big screen in a cinematic video, reliving all those emotions you felt on your wedding day over and over again.

We feel as though your wedding film is a potent aid to remembering those little things you may not remember from your day, and when coupled with the amazing photography we provide, your memories are fully captured in all ways possible.

Have one of the best wedding videographers in Adelaide capture all the special moments in our simple, candid style!


SvenStudios is able to produce video of your wedding while also covering your wedding day as an Adelaide wedding photographer. If desired we are even able to produce a short wedding video for broadcast on social media or for display on a big screen at your reception. Documentary length packages are also available.

Click below for a full pricelist for wedding videographers in South Australia – and remember if also having SvenStudios cover your photography bundle discounts are available!



A spot of vintage Fun for your wedding!

The Super 8 film format, which was widely popular in the 1970s for home movies, has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity due to its beautiful, nostalgic quality. This makes it a perfect choice for wedding videos! Despite its age, Kodak still produces high-quality film that is compatible with these vintage wedding videography cameras, allowing couples to add a charming vintage touch to their wedding memories.

If you’re drawn to the classic, boho-retro look, don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire about our Super 8 wedding video services!


Drone use is part of our usual packages!

Be it your wedding photography, or as your wedding videographer – we always bust out our drone to capture your wedding from the skies when it’s legal to do so.

Drone wedding photography brings a new perspective to your special moments, capturing footage that would seem like you have a whole camera crew in the sky.

The artistic capabilities the technology brings is unsurpassed and we can’t wait to bring our drone expertise to create beautiful wedding films to document your special day!


Relive your day using VR technology!

Utilising your 360 degree virtual reality video captured by SvenStudios, your smartphone and a virtual reality headset; you, or any guests that cannot make it to your big day will be transported to your wedding ceremony and relive it, just as if you were actually there.

When viewing your wedding, you’re able to move your head around and see every angle that your photographer, or videographer simply couldn’t. This allows you to see the expressions on your guest’s faces as you look into each other’s eyes and allows you to basically relive your wedding as one of your guests.

The Guest360 service even records 360 audio in order to enhance the feeling of actually being someplace you aren’t.

This service is FREE!*

*When having SvenStudios photograph your wedding.


While primarily producing wedding videography in Adelaide, we are also available Australia wide in Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, Perth and Internationally.

The great thing about the SvenStudios wedding videography experience in having your wedding video developed is that if you’re erring on the side of having a videographer come out to your wedding, but not so keen on the costs involved, what we offer could be a happy medium between the two at a fraction of the price to cherish forever.

We believe having a video made is a beautiful way to augment your photography in a way that is unique to the magic of video.

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