It had been a while since I had been to the Glen Ewin Estate, so when Annabelle and Alan booked me as their wedding photographer for their Glen Ewin Gatehouse wedding, I was looking forward to what the owners had done to the place. Last time I was there, they had only just planted some hedges and spruced up their pond next to the wedding venue, so I was looking forward to utilising the new areas!

Before the wedding

I was asked to cover Annabelle and Alan’s wedding for 5 hours so I began the day on location at the Glen Ewin Estate to take photos of Alan and his groomsmen. They particularly wanted photos of their purple car which had been repaired especially for the day. It was a bit of a gamble each time we moved it as we were unsure it would start again. 🙂 After taking a few photos as a group, Alan and his boys retreated to the gatehouse to greet guests and put the finishing touches on the details in the reception hall.

Glen Ewin Gatehouse Wedding Ceremony

When a wedding is held at the Glen Ewin Gatehouse venue, the ceremony is generally set up on the grassy area overlooking the pretty little lake they had put in next to the reception hall. It’s a really great set up as the bridal motorcade drives past waiting guests just far enough away so that no one can see her, but far enough so that everyone can view their cars. Not to mention the lovely backdrop of the pond!

Glen Ewin Gatehouse Glamour Photos

After getting the drone out, and it battling against the rather strong winds for a group photo on the lawn, we walked about the gardens for some glamour photos. As I mentioned before, I was very much looking forward to using the planted red coloured hedges and the beautiful lines of trees planted nearby. The previous time I had been to the Glen Ewin Gatehouse was several years prior, so seeing it all grown was pretty neat. Took some great shots too!

Glen Ewin Gatehouse Wedding Reception

Annabelle and Alan’s wedding reception within the Glen Ewin Gatehouse was a simple family affair, complete with heart-felt speeches and loving family and friends. One thing that stood out to me were the wonderful hand-made signs scattered about the venue. They were all blackboard designs with lovely messages – they really off set the simple, family vibes Annabelle and Alan were going for at their wedding reception.

Thanks so much to Annabelle and Alan for having me as their wedding photographer! 😀

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