It was a really lovely day for Jane and Roland’s Peacock Farm Wedding in Willunga, south of Adelaide. They had me at the Willunga Peacock Farm for 3 hours, enough for for me cover their wedding ceremony and a couple of glamour photos after the mandatory family shots. The Willunga Peacock Farm is perfectly suited for such a casual wedding , as the surrounds are lovely to walk through and doesnt take an age to get anywhere nice to take photos. I’ve been here quite a few times now for a number of weddings, and it’s become one of my favourite wedding venues in the south, due to it’s lush garden and potential for a delightful little pond to shoot with. Unfortunately it was dry on the day of Jane and Roland’s wedding.

Willunga Peacock Farm Wedding Ceremony

I wish I had met Jane and Roland before organising my own wedding, as when I was planning my own wedding, I really wanted a bagpiper present to represent my Scottish heritage and name. Jane and Roland happen to have close connections with all of the pipers in South Australia, and they could have helped me find someone who wasn’t as expensive as the piper we found! Turns out though, we got one of the best pipers in Australia, if not the world, so that’s good 😛

Naturally, being so involved with pipers in SA, Jane and Roland had a piper present at their ceremony to great effect. During their ceremony they also held a huge sand ceremony whereby members of the newly combined family combines different coloured sand into a jar, or vase to signify that the family can no longer be separated, much like the sand in the jar. Always a nice gesture.

Willunga Peacock Farm Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony we gathered together on the grassy area on the other side of the garden for a group drone photo, which is always fun as drones really get the attention of everyone involved 🙂 We then walked around the garden for a short while taking in the beauty of the place, before retiring to the reception area for a quick afternoon tea reception. Kids were running about everywhere enjoying their day, so thy provided for some lovely photos too!

Thanks so much to Jane and Roland for having me as their wedding photographer, and I hope they enjoy their photos!

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