I was excited to be a part of Anita and Albert’s St Maximilian Church Wedding in Ottoway as their wedding photographer as I knew the fun loving group of people from a wedding I had covered a few years earlier for Bianca and Russell. It’s always nice to be referred to new weddings due to work I had done in another, must be doing something right there! 🙂


I started off the day as I often do with Albert and his groomsmen at a hotel in Port Adelaide. Albert and his 3 groomsmen, along with his son and two ushers were being prepared here, with Albert’s Mum there to help. It was a bit of fun running after the little one as the guys were getting ready and made for a fun-filled morning.

After about an hour with the boys, I head over to the same house that Bianca had got prepared in all those years ago. It’s a lovely house for these sort of photos, complete with large windows and a neat porch out the back. The girls were pretty laid back as they were getting ready, along with family and well wishers – not many signs of nerves here!

St Maximilian Church Wedding Ceremony

St Maximilian church in Otoway is a modern suburban church near Port Adelaide with room for a large congregation under a triangular shaped wooden roof. The backdrop to the ceremony itself is a large, illuminated depiction of Jesus carrying his cross which made for a neat frame for the bride and groom in photos. Plenty of kids in attendance, which was made obvious by their shenanigans, but Anita and Albert took it in their stride and saw the lighter side of it all. 🙂

Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony, we shot over to the Port Adelaide Wool Sheds – a super popular location to have wedding photos done as was made obvious by the two other weddings that came to use the area. Thankfully they were there directly before and after we were using the space. The draw card to this spot is the wonderfully detailed grungey walls and doorways lining the road, along with a sheep run directly over the road itself. Makes for some lovely industrial themed shots.

We got back to Glanville Hall for the reception a little early, so we head out to the nearby Semaphore beach for a few shots on the shorefront before settling down for the reception. Super windy, so my drone was struggling a bit, but was well worth it 🙂

Glanville Hall Wedding Reception

The Glanville Hall is a wedding venue in Adelaide I had been looking forward to visiting at some point. Built in 1856, it’s a large mansion built as an opulent family home before being converted into a boys home almost 100 years later. It’s a wonderful backdrop to a wedding with it’s colonial-style architecture and great space out back for an outdoor reception, such as Anita and Albert’s.

Anita and Albert entered their reception dancing to a drumming band, and despite the weather turning a little chilly, made sure to keep warm all night by partying hard! Was a great night for all involved.

Thanks so much to Anita and Albert for having me as their wedding photographer, and to Bianca and Russell for the recommendation! 😀

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