Sheree and Shane’s wedding took place at the Glen Ewin Estate Gatehouse wedding venue located in Houghton, east of the city. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for 3 hours, before making use fo my photo booth for the rest of their night.

Before the ceremony

I was asked to arrived reasonably early on the day in order for me to have the opportunity to photograph Shane and his boys before heading up to the top of the hill for Sheree’s awesome entrance within a horse and carriage fit for a queen. The day was pretty overcast which made for wonderfully soft daylight all day which was great to capture the whites of the horses, and the girl’s dresses.

Glen Ewin Estate Gatehouse Wedding Ceremony

The Glen Ewin Estate Gatehouse is one of two wedding venues at the Glen Ewin Estate. The neat part of the venue is the beautiful pond adjacent to the reception hall and grassy area where Sheree and Shane held their ceremony. Makes for a wonderful backdrop. Sheree and Shane also made use of the space by adding a lovely white rose ‘love’ sign along with arbor and matching pillars lining the aisle Sheree walked down. It was all very pretty.

Glamour Photos

Directly after their ceremony, we used the horses for a little while before they left to take some rather classy photos. They made for an absolutely incredible backdrop for some of their wedding photos. We also walked around the gardens for a while before heading inside for the reception where I began the photo booth service.

Thanks so much to Sheree and Shane for having me as their wedding photographer, and I hope they enjoy their photos!

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