Beth and Trent chose the Coriole Vineyard as the setting for their wedding on a beautiful April afternoon. The sun was shining, and everyone was buzzing over what was to turn out to be a magnificent night, complete with family love and photobooth shenanigans! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for the entire day, while also manning the SvenStudios Photobooth, which I enjoyed immensely!


I started the day at Beth’s place of preparation, way out north of the city, which was a bit of a hike, but I’m always keen on covering whatever people want me to! Beth was getting ready at their house in Burton, along with her bridesmaids, flower girl and her parents, which of course their dog! The morning was fairly cruisey with not much in the way of nerves showing, but all that changed once she got to the Coriole Vineyard!

Coriole Vineyard Wedding Ceremony

Tears were abound when Trent first saw Beth walking around the Coriole house! It’s always great as a photographer to grab that spark of pure emotion, when people tear up at weddings it’s just magical! The ceremony was bathes in a very strong sunset, but thankfully the guests were facing away from the sun – unfortunate that beth and Trent had to look into it though!

Glamour Photos

After the usual family photos, and group shot I took with the drone, the bridal party and I went for a wander down to the vineyards for some glamour shots. As the sun was rapidly falling below the horizon, I was keen on grabbing that wonderful orange glow it leaves hovering over vineyards – Coriole is great for this!

Coriole Vineyard Wedding Reception

The only hiccup to the reception was a bit of a lack of lighting in the courtyard that Coriole is famous for, it was a wonderful balmy night, so everyone wanted to use the area! Thankfully the Coriole staff found a few lights laying about for people to make the most out of it all, and people were up on the dance floor in no time. The photobooth was also set up right near the house outside, so that got plenty of use too.

Thanks so much to Beth and Trent for having we capture their wedding photography! I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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