It was a stunning day in late September when Kim and Mick were wed at the picturesque Bridgewater Mill. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for 3 hours, allowing me to cover a tiny bit of Kim’s preparation, through to the beginning of their reception. I was forewarned that Mick wasn’t overly keen on having too many photos taken on the day, so I was asked to stick primarily to a photojournalist mindset, and stay as invisible as possible – save for a handful of pinup glamour photos 🙂


A beautiful afternoon sun was beaming through the trees surrounding the Crafers cottages when I arrived at Kim’s place of preparation. Kim and her bridesmaid were being prepared in one of the cute little cottages on site. I was asked to come for a few minutes to capture a portion of their preparation just before heading down to the Bridgewater Mill.

Bridgewater Mill Wedding Ceremony

Kim and Mick made use of the newly renovated decking in front of the historic water wheel adjoined to the Mill for their wedding ceremony. Guests were strewn across the three tiers of decking, allowing for a variety of vantage points depending on where they were standing. The only unfortunate aspect of their setup was the fact that the sun, that was rather low in the sky by the time of their ceremony, shone right onto Kim while she was standing out the front – but other than that it was a rather nice little setting with the wheel as the backdrop.

Glamour Photos

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t afforded much time for glamour photos, so I stayed as hands off as possible, asking Kim and Mick to simply walk up and down the magnificent valley, bathed in the afternoon light while showing their love for one another, and then a simple setup in front of the Mill itself 🙂

Bridgewater Mill Reception

Kim and Mick’s reception was split up into 2 separate sections, with the first part being finger food and drinks on the top deck outside the Mill, while a more formal sit-down reception was set up inside the Mill. Kim had a big surprise for Mick too, as she had organised – unbeknownst to him, a live band to play inside, it was fun photographing his reaction as he walked in 🙂

Thanks so much to Kim and Mick for having me as your wedding photographer, and I hope you enjoy your photos! 🙂

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