New Premium Albums

I am extremely excited to announce the addition of some new premium albums available in my lineup of product to better showcase your beautiful wedding photography you’d receive from us if you have SvenStudios cover your wedding! These new albums are handcrafted at sizes up to 11×14″ and come in a personalised clamshell box to keep your investment safe. I’ve put together a video of me thumbing through an example of these albums using Katie and Jakob’s wedding, and it really doesn’t do the quality and sheer awe you get when looking through one of these justice.

The paper is an extremely thick 1-3mm card stock, allowing for a rich matte finish on the printing job, while the entire thing is encased with lush genuine leather – or other materials upon request.

I also have on offer now an upgrade package to the usual USB box you would receive when having SvenStudios cover your wedding. These are smaller 10×10″ premium albums with 1mm thick paper and faux leather covering and are designed to wow anyone who comes into contact with them. The best thing about these smaller premium albums is that if you’re on the fence of justifying the expense of the large albums I now offer, these smaller options are just as impressive and much more affordable.

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