2019 SA ABIA awards results

Happy to announce that as a result of this year’s 2019 SA ABIA awards, Svenstudios has once again come away with some very respectable results! I’ve managed to come 5th best wedding photographer in SA, while coming second with a runner up title as the best photobooth provider in South Australia! In the past 3 years I’ve been involved with the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) and in those 3 years I’ve always come in very high up in the ratings, which means I’m doing something right!

The really neat thing about the ABIA awards and the way they are set up is that each of the previous year’s bridal couples that a wedding vendor services are asked to review that vendor based on a number of different categories. The results of each bridal couple’s reviews are then put through an algorithm in an effort to make smaller wedding cendors have a chance against some of the larger ones.

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As a result of this year’s awards, SvenStudios recieved an amazing score of 99.44% as a wedding photographer which still put me in 5th place! This means that all my previous year’s clients rated my services at an average of 99.44%! Which is pretty darn good in my book 😀

The real surprise from the 2019 SA ABIA awards was my runner-up status for my photobooth service! It’s really not a huge part of my business, but when people would like a nice simple photobooth that won’t break the bank, SvenStudios definitely provides!

I’d very much like to thank all of my past bridal couples for taking the time to put in their reviews for me with ABIA! I know it’s a pain in bottom to write reviews, but they mean the world to us suppliers, and it really makes us smile when swe see how much our efforts are appreciated!

2019 SA ABIA awards

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