Baby Mirella - Newborn Shoot

Baby Mirella – Newborn Shoot

Baby Mirella

I got to meet little baby Mirella the other day, she wasn’t overly keen on having newborn photos done, but once Daddy stepped in for a bit, she was happy for a few quick snaps before she went off to have a little nap. The nap time allowed me to get a few more shots with Mum and Dad while she wasnt grumpy. Mirella was about 9 weeks old when I was taking these photos, which means that she’s getting a little bit bigger than what one would usually aim for when having newborn photos done. Generally one would aim to have photos done between 2-4 weeks old, as thats when a newborn is still tiny, and more happy to sit still, not knowing too much about whats going on around them. Baby Mirella on the other hand wasn’t too keen on the flashing lights -but once she got used to them all, we got a few nice shots 🙂

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