worst month of 2020 so far

COVID-19 and what SvenStudios photography couples can expect

Well then, what a wild first few months we’ve had in 2020, just when we thought 2019 was one of the worst years on record in regards to celebrity deaths, and bad things happening in the world, BAM 2020 comes rolling about with a vengance. Huge fires right across Australia, the Donald Trump Impeachment circus and now the COVID-19 Coronavirus which has no signs of slowing up. With the recent obligations for event organisers put together by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, limiting indoor gatherings across Australia to 100 maximum people, you can imagine that anyone involved in the wedding industry is going to be effected over the following months.

Travel has also been restricted worldwide with all the major airlines cutting services and countries closing borders, along with crazy people buying up all the toilet paper as though it were gold – it’s a scary time to sit in front of the television news cycle, and certainly not something that should be taken lightly.

COVID-19 and what SvenStudios photography couples can expect

Wedding planning is something couples put countless hours into, stressing about minute details, wondering if people can attend or not and this huge health emergency that has been caused by COVID-19 is going to put a lot of those plans on hold, and it’s making a lot of people very anxious. As of now I have 9 weddings booked before the end of May, I plan to attend each one of these weddings as the booked wedding photographer unless the couple advises otherwise. Or if the government mandates a more draconian version of social distancing. I believe the majority of these weddings have reasonably small guest lists, allowing them to go ahead as long as the total number of people on site (including suppliers) are below 100. This is the case with the 2 weddings I’m attending this weekend. The only thing that would stop me from attending a booked wedding would be a complete social shutdown – which many fear may happen as it has happened in some parts of Europe and the US. Scary times.

I plan to attend each one of these weddings as the booked wedding photographer unless the couple advises otherwise


I have had a total of 1 wedding cancel outright so far, with plans to rebook in the future, and a few that have got in touch in order to begin sorting out a new, postponed date. It’s quite important for wedding couples that are stressing over their wedding day to not worry too much as the suppliers they have researched and booked in are going to be more than happy to bend over backwards for them in order to sort out a new date for their big day.

It’s rather scary for us as wedding suppliers too, this COVID-19 pandemic has the possibility to effect our livelihood in a way that nothing has come before. With this in mind, If any of your wedding suppliers have gone out of their way to help out in this horrid situation, it would really brighten their day if you were to give shoutouts on Social media, or reviews on sites like google or facebook as although we make a living out of the industry, the current situation is dire and we all wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to our weddings. As taken from the Facebook Adelaide Wedding Chit Chat page – We urge you to work with your suppliers to make it work – by supporting the small businesses you are helping put food on the table for the family and to pay the rent/mortgage. Remember to shop local and buy local, the small businesses out there need you now more than ever.

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