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“To show the world what is really there, not just what one thinks they see.” -Steven Duncan

I believe photography is about portraying a scene in ways that people recognise, but at the same time, have never witnessed before. Anyone can take a photo of a scene, but I want to show the world what I can create through my lens in ways that are unique and yet completely relatable to other people who have witnessed the same scene.

Wedding photography is an area I was naturally drawn to, my disarming personality and ability to make people comfortable around me allows my images to show true emotion in my subjects. All throughout my life I’ve worked with people, so this is simply natural progression for me, and according to feedback I’ve received it’s very much appreciated. I like to employ a photojournalist approach to my wedding photography, with the majority of my clients remarking on how easy I am to work with, despite the fact that many of them outright stated that they weren’t good in front of cameras. My approach to wedding photography is first and foremost to capture the beauty of your day in the most natural way possible. This isn’t to say that I don’t believe any coaching or posing is unneeded, just that I try to keep it to a minimum. Posed shots have their place and are great to look back at in an album, but just not every shot. My background is landscape and scientific photography, so I bring that skillset to my wedding photography, combining it with the beauty that is your lve for one another with the surrounds you have chosen for your selves.

I have won numerous awards in a variety of differing genres of photography including being acknowledged as a consistently high achieving photographer by being acknowledged as a dual ‘Master Photographer‘ with the AIPP. I have also completed numerous tertiary level accreditations, including a Degree in Multimedia at the University of South Australia, a Certificate IV in Photo imaging at TAFE SA, a Masters in Teaching at Flinders University and a Diploma of Computing and Information Technology at SAIBT. All this just shows I’m highly qualified and experienced in my photography.

I also run a fine art photography website called ‘Steven Duncan ART’ at where I put up and showcase my landscape, science and other artistic work not related to my wedding photography. I’ve also recently hit the cutting edge realm of Crypto Currency NFT art offering my my fine art Landscape Photography NFTs for those of you interested in that!

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