Hello there! If you’ve been sent this page, then you’re likely to have had me cover your wedding, or had a photoshoot done! First of all, let me thank you for having me capture your memories while allowing me to make a living out of what I truely love to do!

It’s my goal when I’m doing my thing – be it wedding photography, domestic photography, videography or manning my photobooth that my passion for creating stunning work shines through – and I hope you noticed.

I have sent you this page with the hope that you love the work I have done for you so much that you’d be willing to leave some nice reviews about the place.

Recieving positive reviews is one thing that really makes me smile – it means that the hard work that I have put into creating the images that I love so much is appreciated to a point that others were willing to tell others about it. Having reviews about the place is also honestly the best advertising for future prospective clients.

As I work for myself, by myself having glowing reviews about the place helps others find me and in turn allows me to support my small business and family. As such I’d very much appreciate it if you could take a small amount of time and click on the following buttons and leave a nice review – hopefully 100%! 😀

Thankyou so much!

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