Veale Gardens Family Shoot – Kennedy Family


Veale Gardens Family Shoot

Erin and Phil were the bridal couple at one of the first ever weddings I covered as a wedding photographer all the way back in 2011, so it’s always nice to see how families are progressing when they ask me to come out again and produce some updated family portraits! I’ve also known Erin and her family since I was very little so it’s doubly nice to reconnect and have a bit of a chat. 🙂

We head out to the lovely Veale Gardens on South terrace in the city early in the morning so that we avoided the majority of walkers and have the gardens to ourselves. The sun is also at a nice height in the sky at this time in the morning so as to avoid most of the harsh shadows that can otherwise creep across faces in an unflattering way.

We began in the carpark behind the Pavillian restaurant and made use of the gum trees behind Veale gardens to create a bit of diversity in the colours of the final photos – as otherewise every photo has the emerald green colours of the curated grass within the gardens. it’s good to have some variety! We then walked up the rolling grassy hills towards the last rock pool, then looped back via the man made river meandering through the space.

As a result, I think The Kennedy’s Veale Gardens Family Shoot produced some lovely keepsake moments and nice family portraits for them to treasure forever more! helps a bunch when the kids are as well behaved as these were! Turned out to be a lovely morning.

Baby Hasan – Newborn Shoot


Baby Hasan Newborn Shoot

Say hello to Baby Hasan! I was lucky enough to meet this little guy when his parents brought him in for a spot of newborn photos, and some family photos which we took outside in the nearby park. Little Hasan was quite happy to be in front of a camera and all the flashing lights, and the only thing he really didn’t like was being a little cold after a while! Otherwise this little cutie was pleased to sit and pose for me while we took some lovely shots 🙂 We also managed to sneak in his bigger brother later on 🙂


Himeji Gardens Birthday shoot