Lot 100

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lot 100 wedding

The Lot 100 venue in Hay Valley is a beautiful, modern spot, not too far out of the city in the Adelaide Hills. It’s main focal point is a huge, modern structure overlooking the nearby valley full of vineyards and beautiful gum trees which functions as a restaurant. Wedding receptions can be held both inside this large building, and outside on the huge courtyard that lines one side of the building.

On the far side of the building is a sweeping deck which overlooks the scenery, and also one of the many spots you’re able to host a wedding ceremony at. The grassy hill just below this deck may be a little steep for some ot consider holding their wedding ceremony on, but it does provide for a lovely backdrop of the beautiful gum trees situated at one end of the grassy area. ceremony can also be held on the desk itself, or at one ond of the restaurant building with a large window backdrop, or countless other beautiful spots around the place.

For photos wedding couples would probably like to make use of the huge sweeping hills on site, complete with a giant old gum trees that stands alone amongst the rolling hills. A couple that would like to make use of this paddock would need to source a four wheel drive however as it’s not suitable to drive on with a regular car. There are also some lovely gum trees situated on the far side of the paddock which make for some great sweeping scenes of the entire Lot 100 venue.