Wedding Invite website service

Everything in the modern age is based online, so why wouldn’t your wedding invites, or RSVP returns be website based? SvenStudios can put together a fully functional, simple but eye catching wedding invite website to fully digitise your wedding invites, saving paper and being more environmentally friendly or to augment your traditional wedding invites. Each website comes with it’s own .com domain name, along with website space and personalised email address for all of your wedding planning needs. You can even use your online storage to have your guests upload images, or have a hashtag reader set up for live updates on your website.

The benefit of having a website to act as your RSVP and wedding information portal means that the percentage of returned RSVPs will increase dramatically due to the ease of access. Any of your guests will be able to respond to your wedding invitation using their mobile phone, or any device with an internet connection. Another benefit of your wedding invite website would be the constant availability of your wedding details. From addresses of your ceremony, through to dress code for people to access anytime. No more looking after easily lost invites!

Your website can also act as a portal for your guests to use a personal wedding hashtag to post images directly to your website via instagram!

What you get

  • Personal website set up

    Your website will be set up, populated with personal images you provide from your days dating each other, along with any details of your wedding you provide.

  • Customised RSVP form

    Your online RSVP form will be populated with any questions you may wish to ask your guests, from any dietary requirements, through to what they may be wearing.

  • .com web address

    Each Wedding Invite website SvenStudios builds we will provide with a totally unique .com website address for people to easily access

  • Option to have guests interact

    A hashtag reader may be intregated with your website allowing for people to post photos and messages directly to your website via twitter or facebook


For an example of what SvenStudios offers you with their wedding invite website service, you can click through to my own personal wedding invite website I set up for my own wedding.


Basic Package

  • Include all your information about your wedding online for all your guests to access online
  • Receive RSVPs instantly straight to your email address
  • Customizable RSVP form
  • Instagram hashtag integration to build galleries based on hashtagged images
  • Include sections such as ‘accommodation’, ‘registry’, ‘bridal party’, ‘personal story’, etc
  • Additional information and updates can be added after initial building of website
  • Personalised .com or (subject to availability)
  • Website live for 6 months – 12 months available for an additional $100


Engagement Package

  • All you receive in the basic package
  • Includes a romantic, personal engagement photoshoot which will provide you with a selection of dozens of images showing the story of your love, also stunning image to be used on your Wedding Invite Website.
  • Website live for 6 months – 12 months available for $100 extra
  • Save $80 from the usual combined price of your Wedding INvite Website and Engagement shoot