Welcome to the voting page for the SvenStudios wedding photo of the year contest for 2020! These images were produced at weddings covered by SvenStudios over the course of 2019 but chosen by the wedded couple as their favourite of the lot! The winning image is set to receive a large print of either the photograph they’ve chosen or if they’ve already had it printed, another one! Either framed or mounted on acrylic worth up to $500!

In order to submit your vote, and help your chosen image win the title of Wedding photo of the year, simply browse the gallery below and click the ‘vote’ below your favourite image. Simply by voting you’ll go into the draw to win $100 cash, with the winner of the $100 cash prize contacted via email soon after the contest’s end.

Win $100 for voting below!

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I run this contest as a bit of a thank you to all my bridal couples throughout the year and also to gain some insight into what others see into my photography rather than simply relying on my own eye. For examples of my own favourite photographs of 2019 feel free to watch a short montage of them here.

Voting will be verified by email, and If you have any trouble voting, and would still like to register a vote, please send me an email and I will add it to the tally. Each voter is limited to a single vote, all votes are logged and checked to be authentic. Any votes deemed at the discretion of SvenStudios to be duplicate will be removed from the tally.

Votes may not show on the tally immediately

Please do not worry if your vote has not increased the tally yet – if the voting form confirms your vote has been recieved, it may take a while to be vetted and added to the tally.

If you have already used your vote, and would still like to support your choice further, you can share your chosen image on social media using the share buttons located at the bottom of each image. In past versions of the SvenStudios Photo of the year contest, the winning image usually has a large number of shares!

If you like the photograph, and would like to have a look at some of the other photographs taken during that wedding, I’ve provided the link to that wedding’s preview within the photograph’s description. Simply click on the ‘Full Wedding’ link below each photo to be taken to more photos from that wedding.

Wedding Photo of the year contest

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