Silver Award at the National AIPP Awards


This weekend showcased the most recent National Professional Photography Awards run by the Australian Institute for Professional Photography (AIPP) whereby I again was successful in procuring another Silver Award. These particular awards, known as ‘APPA’ are the most prestigious on offer in Australia where some of the very greats of the photographic industry showcase their very best work from the past year.

I haven’t gone a year yet without winning at least a silver award and this year has been no exception. The APPA only allows an entrant to enter 4 prints, so one must choose to either attempt to win a category with a portfolio of 4 prints, or spread their entries across multiple categories in order to obtain more individual print awards, such as the silver award I won today. I approached this year with the aim of pushing for the ‘Travel photographer of the year’ title by winning the Travel photography category with the 4 prints below. The state-based ‘SAPPA’ awards however allow an entrant to submit up to 12 prints, allowing for further flexibility. This years SAPPA awards I won a silver award 4 times across the Travel, Wedding and Illustrative categories. It appears I made the wrong choice in submitting only Travel prints this year. Oh well 🙂

Travel Entries

Score: 81 – Silver Award

Kashima, Japan. This port was hit by the Tsunami in 2011. Thankfully no one was hurt. I visited here while volunteering in Japan to learn more about the after effects of the earthquake and tsunami. This area was damaged, but quickly rebuilt as it’s a huge trading hub for essential fuel resources in Japan.

Score: 78

The stern end of the largest cruise liner in the world, the Queen Mary 2. Comments from the judges in the state awards indicated that the reason why this wasn’t an award print was due to the sky. I removed the sky for my APPA entry, but obviously wasn’t enough to improve it’s score.

Score: 78

This was another print I had entered in a previous state awards, and it unfortunately came out with the same result of a score of 78. Shouldn’t really be surprised, especially given that this is such an iconic scene of the Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima in Japan, it’s not exactly breaking any new photographic ground having me replicate the scene.

Score: 77

This print however turned out to be a little disappointing with a score of 77 as this same print won a silver award in a previous state awards with a score of 80. It’s a priest going about his duties on the same Itsukushima shrine in Japan, and it actually quite a rare shot to be had. Oh well.

A score of above 70 indicates that the work submitted is at a professional level standard, so I’m quite happy with my silver award and my other 3 prints scoring in the high 70’s. Especially when considering that this was the national awards which have a reputation of being a tough nut to crack when it comes to winning awards compared to the state based competitions.

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