Sunnybrae Function Center

Sunnybrae Function Center wedding – Amy & Matt

Amy and Matt had me be their wedding photographer on the 9th of February. Their ceremony was held at the  Semaphore Park Baptist Church, while their reception was held at the Sunnybrae Function Center in Regency Park. This was a fun little wedding, largely due to the somewhat unorthodox requests I received from the couple ranging from photoshopping comic book hero insignia onto shirts, through to dinosaurs and Starwars walkers in the background.

Preparation Photos

Matt and his groomsmen organised a fun little photoshoot involving coloured t-shirts and Marvel superhero logos. Matt took on the colours of the Greenlantern, and his groomsmen were Batman, The Flash, Superman, HawkMan and Wonder Woman. I love fun little things like this as it adds that much more personality to a wedding’s photos.

Amy got ready in a hotel room in West Lakes with her bridal party on hand to help out putting on her dress and getting things organised. The room was a neat affair, with a balcony overlooking the West Lakes estuary and two bedrooms.

Semaphore Park Baptist Church

I couldn’t find much information about the history of the Semaphore Park Baptist Church, but what I can say is that it’s a cute little traditional church with two isles leading toward a raised, wooden stage area at the back of the church. The front of the church is a stunning white.

After the ceremony Amy and Matt wanted to have some photos on and around the Semaphore pier, unfortunately high winds did not allow much photo taking to be done. The bridal party unfortunately could not walk far without their dresses whipping about and walking in high heels would have been difficult. The boys took this opportunity to take some fun shots of them throwing Matt off the jetty and other such shenanigans.

Sunnybrae Function Center

The sunnybrae function center is an interesting setting, with grounds including lush gardens, sweeping grass fields and a selection of modern and heritage buildings. Sunnybrae function center can host multiple functions at once boasting six large, well equipped buildings for events ranging from wedding receptions to business conferences. I was actually quite surprised to find this little oasis of greenery within the industrial backdrop of Regency Park, but I wasn’t complaining :). Sunnybrae function center was originally a flour mill, or some such (correct me if I’m wrong) when Adelaide was still young and still has on display it’s old machinery to which it used to be connected to the heritage red-brick buildings.

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