How I approach my Wedding Photography

How I approach my Wedding Photography

Each wedding is different, however somethings at wedding just don’t change. This is a general rundown on how I approach my wedding photography on any given wedding day.

Generally speaking, depending on the time of your ceremony, the way I like to approach my wedding photography is that I will start at the groomsmen house first for around 30-45 minutes and start taking photos of the preparations going on there. Often the men will be milling about waiting for something to happen, so I can be that something, if you’re looking for preparation photos of course. Usually the traditional shots taken here are the rings being exchanged between the groom and best man, adjustment of ties by family members, the party together doing something, possibly heckling the groom, or standing together, jumping, etc. This serves as a bit of a warm-up for the rest of your day really, getting used to me being there taking photos in a relaxed environment is something to take the nerves off.

After, I head to the bridal party’s place hopefully before the dress gets put on, as I like to take a photo of it draped over some furniture or a bed. This often happens 1-2 hours before we head out to the ceremony. As it’s being put on, photos of little things like makeup, baby photos, something old, new, borrowed, blue, etc are taken. Then the big reveal and the girls together, etc. Much like the groomsmen photos, but I usually have much more time with the bridal party.

I then follow the cars to the ceremony where I try to turn as invisible as possible, can be difficult depending on the venue. For instance a church has very limited areas to move about in, where as a beach I could run about as much as I like without getting in the way. The traditional shots like you two together at the altar, speeches, vows, exchanging of rings, first kiss are taken then. After, depending on where you are going to be signing the marriage certificate, photos of this, or shots of you walking back down the aisle with people congratulating you/throwing petals/rice, etc then the certificate. All depends, each wedding is unique, but the same in their own ways.

After is my time to shine, after I take any shots with family and friends you desire, I’m able to take the bridal party away into any locations you may wish to take photos in. Be it a garden you like, the beach, an old building, etc. Some locations require special permission to take photos in, so I will inform you if your location is one such place, but generally speaking any place open to the public 24/7 is ok. There are always exceptions, so I’ll make sure you know. This is the time where I take the photos you would usually hang up on your wall. I’m able to pose and direct you in ways that look natural to take the best shots possible.

Then comes the reception. If you’re willing to feed me (because I tend to get a bit hungry by then) I can stay right throughout the night, usually up until after the first dance. I take photos of everyone there, people enjoying themselves, you cutting the cake, any traditional shots like the first dance, throwing the bouquet/garter, the entrance, etc.

Generally speaking the photos themselves take about 1-2 months to process, can be more depending on the season, and they arrive in a custom box. You may get somewhere between 600-800 edited photos. I will supply the original colour version, but I may have used my artistic licence to make it look vintage, or black and white. In which case you will receive all different versions on the USB.

I’m more than willing to answer any questions regarding my process, so don’t be afraid to ask. You can get in contact with me on this website.

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