Adelaide wedding venues

Adelaide wedding venues

After having shot quite a few weddings now, I’ve experienced a wide variety of different Adelaide wedding venues. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite and perhaps help with your search for the perfect Adelaide wedding venue. Being a wedding photographer in Adelaide, I feel blessed with the vast variety and quality of locations available. First of all, Adelaide isn’t known as the ‘city of churches’ for nothing, we have some fascinating churches available for all different denominations. Second, Adelaide is world famous for it’s rolling hills and wineries that populate the landscape. I’m a big fan of vineyard shots and I really enjoy visiting new wineries. Finally, Adelaide boasts some of the lushest, and quaint gardens available anywhere in Australia; the Adelaide-Himeji Garden, Belair National Park and Waterfall Gully just to name a few.

Here’s my review for some of my more favourite Adelaide wedding venues I’ve shot at and some the photos I took there.

Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill is fortunate in being one of the few period homes in Australia to survive with its original contents almost completely intact and its grounds undiminished. This wedding location boasts a magnificent garden facing the city with two trees that frame a wedding couple with a backdrop of gorgeous red brick. The congregation can stand below the elevated steps where the bride and groom would stand so all can see. Photographs are easy to take in this environment as the redbrick house, coupled with the well manicured gardens and surrounds lends itself perfectly to timeless wedding photography.

What makes this Adelaide wedding location so special is the amazing setup for the garden, it’s almost as if it had wedding events specifically in mind when the layout was designed. The bridal party enters the congregation directly from their motorcade behind a veil of manicured hedge, and walks through a good 50m of vined archway. The groom can watch as the love of their life walks slowly through this majestic opening right up to the raised location where he is standing framed by the two trees I mentioned earlier. This makes for a really pretty ceremony I’m sure anyone would enjoy.

Kingsbrook Estate

A little bit out of the way for most people I would expect in Currency Creek, but Kingsbrook Estate is great due to it’s privacy and intimacy due to this. Combining the best of a few different locations together, Kingsbrook estate offers vineyards, quaint European-style villa scenery, banquet hall and even a private guesthouse for the bride and groom to stay the night. Really a photographer’s dream with all these qualities combined, it makes the job of capturing beautiful photographs for my clients that much easier. I’m a big sucker for the red brick effect older estates lend to photographs as backgrounds, and this place delivers in droves, one could easily spend all day exploring the estate in it’s entirety, but on your wedding day finding the best spots for wedding photography is as easy as pointing the camera.

Glen Ewin Estate

Glen Ewin Estate offers two different wedding venues within the same estate, one called the ‘pulpshed’ which is my favourite as it includes not just the beautifully rustic and roomy reception area that was once a puplshed, but also the surrounding grassed areas surrounding the private homested itself, complete with stone walkway reading out into the center of a small lake surrounded by amazing weeping willows. This venue really stuck me as a classy, yet rustic spot in Adelaide, perfect for weddings.

The other venue on offer is known as the ‘gatehouse’, a modern, yet rustic venue, located in the top valley of the property. It is a bright space with splendid views of the surrounding countryside. The venue itself is lined with a lake and has a grassed area used for the ceremony itself. The bridal motorcade has a magnificent run into the ceremony, past the lake and the waiting congregation. Makes for a wonderful moment for all involved. For those looking for a less formal, but still beautiful Adelaide wedding venue, this is the place.

Fort Glanville

For those of you looking for something very different, Fort Glanville on Semaphore beach might be worth a look at. Build in the late nineteenth century as protection against would-be Russian invaders, the wedding couple can enjoy full period uniform-clad honour guard complete with a cannon-firing salute if so desired. The fort itself is a wonderful old heritage building right on Semaphore beach so if you enjoy the beach wedding look, but also the the traditional rustic building look, this is perfect. You will need to source a catering company though to set up and administer food and drink as the fort really wasn’t designed for such a function, but has a load of open wide spaces for people to sit and explore in a very laid-back fashion.

There are so many more fantastic Adelaide wedding venues available that I have both been to as a wedding photographer and wish to one day goto, but I’ll write about then at a later date. If you have any requests on a specific venue I’ll write up an article about it if you like, just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.

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