Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony – Su-Ling & Grazia

On the 12th of October, I had the opportunity to cover Su-Ling and Grazia’s commitment ceremony. It was a bit of a change of pace for me as the couple decided to take advantage of my event coverages hourly rates rather than have me throughout the entirety of their day. It was also exciting as it was the first commitment ceremony I had covered, so it was a lot of fun.

Commitment ceremony

For those of you who are unaware of what a commitment ceremony is, a commitment ceremony is a congregation of a couple’s relatives and loved ones in order to celebrate the love shown between the couple. Although with the current laws in most states and territories of Australia it is not yet a legal commitment – it is however an ethical one. A commitment ceremony showcases your commitment to your loved one in front of all those you hold dear and as such can be one of the most meaningful moments in a persons life.

Botanic Park

Su-Ling and Grazia’s commitment ceremony was held in Adelaide’s Botanic Park, down the way from Adelaide zoo, under a beautiful pair of European Oaks. The congregation was protected by the lush foliage put out by these beautiful trees, while the sky could not have been clearer for the occasion. The Adelaide Botanic park, and neighbouring gardens are of course a public area, so occasionally these would be bystanders in the background of some of my shots, and sometimes there would be other weddings one has to contend with and avoid. But this day not much went wrong in regard to those hiccups.

The ceremony included a simple setup of chairs, spread under the tree’s foliage, facing a table that served as the celebrant’s altar holding a candle which Su-Ling and Grazia lit to symbolise their bond founded at their commitment ceremony. Music was provided by a string quartet band seated behind the guests, and the entire ceremony was short and sweet in regards to speeches.

Without further ado, heres a sneak preview of the photos I took on the day.

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