Festival Function Center and Ukrainian church wedding - Annie & Dj

Festival Function Center and Ukrainian church wedding – Annie & Dj

Annie and Dj had me be their wedding photographer on the 28th of December 2013, just after Christmas. And I must say it was a very interesting wedding. The day began normally enough, with my usual 40 minutes at the groom’s place of preparation to take photos of Dj getting ready, then it was off to Annie as per usual. Their ceremony took place however in the wonderfully ornate St Volodymyr & St. Olha Ukrainian catholic Church, their bridal photos we took in and around the Adelaide University grounds, full of old architecture around there, and finally their reception was held at the Adelaide Festival Function Center.


Preparation photos

Dj’s groomsmen and immediate family were on hand to witness the preparation of DJ for his wedding. I was also joined by a couple of videographers, so we had to share the room we had to get the best shots. Everyone seemed of high spirits and were eager to get things rolling in regard to the wedding was concerned.

Annie’s place was much busier and full of people helping getting things ready for her big day. Annie’s dress was marvelously traditional and made things very easy for me as the wedding photographer as all I asked for was mere seconds away due to everyone pitching in to help. In fact this continued throughout the wedding day, affording me to take almost 2000 images on the day. A few hundred more than I usually would.

Ceremony –  St Volodymyr & St. Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church

I would usually do a bit of a writeup of the venues my clients use as it may help others decide on their own wedding venue. however unfortunately I could not find much information on the  St Volodymyr & St. Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church, only that it was erected as a war memorial and Father Zenon presides over the parish. If someone could comment below with more information on the church, like when it was built that would be great! 🙂 The ceremony itself was a traditional affair with the sermon being part Ukrainian and part English with singing also. The ceremony included wearing of crowns symbolising the union of two houses under god and a walk around the holy bible. Quite the impressive ceremony.

Bridal Shoot – Adelaide Museum & University

Wedding Murder

Fun murder shoot

Annie requested we take our bridal photos around the Adelaide University and Museum grounds before heading to the Adelaide Function Center reception, which I had no objection to as I’ve taken other weddings in their surrounds and a more picturesque place in the Adelaide CBD does not exist. Full of old buildings and nature, it makes my job as the wedding photographer so much easier. The image to the right was requested by Annie, and I absolutely love doing fun out-of-the ordinary shoots like this. The image itself does not really suit the theme of the wedding, so I did not include it on the disk, but rather was supplied separately.

Festival Function Center reception

The Adelaide Festival Function Center is a simple venue, ideal for large weddings with seating for hundreds of people and they make great food too! A large dance floor is available and nearby bar. The decor is usually brightly lit and tastefully executed. Rounded off a very fun, but busy day for me. I’d like to thank Annie and DJ for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope they enjoy the images I’ve provided.

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