Flagstaff Hill Golf Course Wedding

Flagstaff Hill Golf Course Wedding – Aleisha & Lee

On the 8th of March I was selected as Aleisha and Lee’s wedding photographer for their wedding at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Course, South of Adelaide. The couple opted to take advantage of my hourly wedding rates as they only desired me to be there for their ceremony and bridal shoot afterwards. As a result I shot their wedding for 3 hours and took advantage of the beautiful afternoon sun that made the Golf Course come alive. It was a beautiful day, if not a touch hot and I hope their wedding photos are as beautiful as the weather was.

Before the ceremony

I arrived about 30 minutes before the bridal party to catch the groomsmen and volunteers putting the finishing touches on the area allocated for the wedding ceremony. I also took the opportunity to take some glamour shots of the boys while they were waiting.

Flagstaff Hill Golf Course Ceremony

The area allocated for the wedding ceremony is just off the practice putting green in front of the clubhouse. It’s a small patch of grass flanked by large gum trees on one side and rose bushes on the other. Made for a nice simple and shady ceremony location in the afternoon sun. The girls arrived via limousine the customary 5 minutes late and could not have been more happy to be there.

Bridal Shoot

After the family and group photos that happen after the ceremony we had the run of the Golf Course, so we made use of the wonderful lighting the sun was providing us.

Aleisha and Lee’s wedding was short but a lot of fun as the bridal party was quite keen on trying all the different shots I had in mind. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon, and I hope you enjoy your photos!

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