Associate of the AIPP Awarded

As a result of my recent success at the National AIPP Photography Awards I have been conferred the status and honour of ‘Associate of the Australian Institute for Professional Photography (AIPP)’ which means my photography has been of a consistently high standard over the past few years that I have been a full member of the AIPP that I have ‘gained rank’ if you will. Being an Associate of the AIPP is a step below being a Master Photographer of the AIPP which as a full member of the AIPP for only a few years is quite a difficult goal to attain. However being awarded an Associate status is the first step towards that.

As a result of my new status of an Associate of the AIPP I now have a few more post-nominals to put after my name. Instead of my former status of an ‘accredited professional photographer’ with the post-nominals of ‘APP’ I am now an ‘Associate of the AIPP’ with the post nominals of ‘AAIPP’. Therefore with the addition of all my other post-nominals from completed degrees and whatnot my full name is now ‘Steven Paul Duncan Mteach BA DipCIT AAIPP’ bit of a mouthful eh? Perhaps in the future I’d like to add a pHD to the list 🙂

The honour of becoming an Associate of the AIPP reaffirms my belief that the standard of my photography is of a high level and that my clients can rest assured that if they choose me as their photographer they are getting an industry recognised photographer of a high calibre.

Associate of the AIPP

To showcase my new title I’ve been sent a certificate detailing the honour and a yellow ribbon with medal that I will now wear at future formal AIPP mixers such as Awards dinners. Master photographers wear a red ribbon while grandmasters wear black.

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