Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding – Lee-Anne & Richard

Recently I was the wedding photographer at Lee-Anne and Richard’s backyard wedding which took place in a friend of theirs backyard, south of Adelaide, South Australia. The joy of holding a backyard wedding, such as this one is that the entire occasion feels a lot more homely and intimate than for example a wedding in a church or the wide, sweeping grounds of an estate. All the guests were laid-back, personable and easy to photograph. If it weren’t for the very bright sun beating down during the day, the conditions were perfect for simple, personable wedding photography. Lee-Anne and Richard opted to take advantage of my flexible hourly-based wedding coverage for their backyard wedding and had me there for 3 hours.


Richard initially stated that he was not interested in having any preparation photos taken, but he was promptly vetoed by his groomsmen who asked me to shoot some anyway. Preparation photos on your wedding day I feel are you final glimpses into life before marriage. It can be nice to document such a period of time. In this particular wedding I was only able to get a few of Richard’s preparation.

Backyard wedding ceremony

As I said before, the wedding ceremony venue was the backyard of a friend of the couple’s. The backyard and granny flat you can see in the photos is actually often rented out as a bed and breakfast so the gardens are immaculately groomed and looked after. The garden albeit fitting within a typical suburban backyard, was beautiful and felt larger than what it was, it easily fit all the guests to this backyard wedding.

Glamour shots

The hard part of most backyard weddings is the limited availability of inspirational scenery for wedding glamour shots after the ceremony. However This particular garden was very well kept and incorporated quite a few points of interest including rolling hedges and metal objects so it wasn’t too difficult to find some nice vantage points. The sun wasn’t helping however.

Sketch Artist

I wrote about this soon after I finished this backyard wedding, but Lee-Anne and Richard commissioned a sketch artist to run around sketching their guests as a keepsake activity which I had only seen at one other wedding. The results of which were pretty impressive. Peter BroelMan is the name of the sketch artist present and I can definitely recommend him, he’s always sure to put a smile on your face!

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