Adelaide Arcade Wedding - Anastasia & Zac

Adelaide Arcade Wedding – Anastasia & Zac

Anastasia and Zac’s wedding ceremony took place back in June at the Adelaide marriages registration office on Grenfell st, we then walked through the city including the heritage listed Adelaide Arcade and Rundle Mall and then reception was at the Tin Cat cafe in Kent Town. The whole affair was intimate and laid back with the couple eager to try out some less than conventional wedding photographs! Anastasia and Zac hired me to be their wedding photographer utilising my short coverage package enabling me to get to their ceremony in the city and a few minutes of their reception, which judging by their gigantic cake which must have weighed more than a small child looked like a lot of fun and I wish I could have stayed, but I was heading overseas only a few days after.

Before the ceremony Anastasia and her entourage had a little walk about the nearby shops of Adelaide Arcade taking a few glamour shots together.

Marriages Registration Office Ceremony

The Marriages Registration Office in Adelaide boasts a lovely little chapel decked out in furniture and decor putting full on wedding venues to shame. This coupled with the wonderful resident marriage celebrant made for a beautiful simple ceremony.

Adelaide Arcade and surrounds wedding photos

Adelaide Arcade is a marvellous location of wedding photography as it’s a old building with a lot of charm in the center of the city, right across the road from the Marriages registration office. It was founded in 1885 with 50 stores, the arcade grew to over 100 shops through the addition of a balcony area in the 1960s and holds the distinction of being one of the first buildings in Adelaide with electricity! The decor of the place lends itself well to some nice angles in photography and hopefully my photos speak for themselves! We also visited the side streets behind the marriage registration office and also Rundle Mall.

I’d like to thank Anastasia and Zac for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope the wait for the photos wasn’t too long!

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