Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer


Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Every step of the wedding planning process can be a daunting one. From saying yes to the dress to building your bouquet, selecting a wedding photographer is yet another task you’ll want to get perfect. You only get one shot at capturing a gone-too-soon flurry of memories, and you won’t want to regret the outcome. As a wedding photographer, I may be a bit biased but selecting a wedding photographer is possibly the most important selection you make besides your wedding venue.

Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Shopping for a wedding photographer who suits your budget, aesthetic, and schedule is challenging. After narrowing down your shortlist of contenders, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1 – How Much Weight Does Photography Hold Over My Wedding Day?

Sometimes, professional wedding photography is a must. Other times, it’s merely another box to tick. The answer to this question will likely dictate your decision to compromise your budget to accommodate a pricey wedding photographer or vice versa.

Have a think about how you are going to use all these amazing photos you’ve had taken of the two of you. Are you going to be seeing them every time you open your front door, or will they stay stuck on the USB you’ll be given?

Perhaps also weigh up how much appreances mean to you in your social circles, maybe you want to pay for for a photographer who you know will make you look amazing, despite your lack of experience in front of a camera?

Question 2 – How Much Extra Cash Am I Prepared to Shell Out?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to select your wedding photographer amongst the first 3 suppliers as soon as possible. The other two being your venue and celebrant – and perhaps your videographer. The best wedding photographers book out at least a year in advance and if you love their work it’;s best to lock them in as soon as you have made your choice.

An average wedding photographer in Australia according to the annual Easy Weddings survey of bridal couples is just shy of $3000, so pricing of photographers should be around, or just above that figure for someone who truely knows what they are doing and who you can trust.

Question 3 – How Long Do I Need My Photographer to be Around?

Some photographers offer whole-day packages or more affordable hourly services. Consider events you need to have documented. Is it the wedding itself? The reception? Both?

I’d personally suggest having a photographer with you all day, as if you consider your wedding album as a storyline – then the preparation photos are the beginning of the story, the ceremony the middle then the photoshoot and reception the glorous happy ending 🙂

The longer your photographer is with you the more they can gel with your personalities and create work that truely speaks to who you are. A similar option to better cater to this is to have an engagement shoot done before your day.

Question 4 – How Comfortable Are My Partner and I With Being Photographed?

Some couples will hire a wedding photographer simply because it’s custom to do so. If you’re camera-shy, having a photographer hover around you all day might take away from the overall experience of becoming a newlywed even though a good candid and natural wedding photographer will do their best to become invisible during the day.

On the other end of the spectrum, some couples love being photographed and might even consider an engagement shoot. Which category do you and your loved one fall under?

This all being said however, If I had a dollar every time I heard that a couple is not good in front of a camera I’d probably be on a yacht in the bahamas somewhere.. The trick to taking nice candid photographs is simply having the couple do something while you’re taking your photos.

Question 5 – What Other Products Do I Want from My Photographer?

Nowadays, wedding photographers offer more than just their service. They’ll also print your photos in an album, provide a photo booth for guests, produce wall art, or even offer hybrid shooting where they also produce a short highlight video so you save money on a separate videographer.

Think about what products you must have versus those that are merely nice to have. Alternatively, you might be entirely satisfied to receive a digital copy of your photos—nothing extra. Selecting a wedding photographer that offers exactly what you want is important. You don’t want to be stuck with albums or prints you’d never use, but it’s also important to select a wedding phtoographer that do offer such things as an option.

Question 6 – Have I Received Any Recommendations?

If a married friend is suggesting their previous photographer, it’ll likely be for a good reason. Look into their portfolio and give them a call—you might even get a discount thanks to the friend referral.

Make sure they suit your own personal style though. Plenty of people opt to have a photographer that shoots in a current ‘trendy’ way that may age or rub you the wrong way to look at. You have to remember that these photos you’re having taken need to speak to your own personal style and allow them to store your memories in a way you’d want to look at them

Question 7 – What is My Style?

Every wedding photographer is unique in their methods and aesthetic. Are you a fan of candid photos, or are you looking for something more editorial? Maybe you love the vintage look of sepia-toned photographs, and have an entirely posed wedding? Up to you.

Typically, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in a photographer’s portfolio or website. Whatever the case, your photographer will adjust their techniques according to your preferences.

While reliving your Big Day in your head might bring about nostalgic feelings, being able to reminisce over a collection of photos provides a different experience. Don’t rush your decision when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer, the memories will last you a lifetime and the process of selecting a wedding photographer will allow you to hold onto those memories in exactly the way you want.

At SvenStudios, we capture every moment of your Big Day with passion, romance, and joy. We are consistantly rated as some of the top wedding photographers in Australia and our packages come full of value. Keen to travel anywhere too!

The Advertiser wedding of the week

This week I was awarded the ‘Advertiser wedding of the week’ from the Adelaide-based Newspaper The Advertiser. Published on page 30 of the Weddings section in the Monday 27th October edition of the newspaper, the Advertiser wedding of the week was actually a wedding I had shot almost 2 months prior.

Renae and Craig’s wedding was held at the Coriole Vineyards in Mclaren Vale and was a wedding that took advantage of my flexible hourly-based wedding package so to be awarded the Advertiser wedding of the week was quite a surprise as I did not have shots of the groom’s preparation, nor most of the reception. Renae and Craig said that the Advertiser had been in contact with them looking to use their photos for a feature in their paper, but I did not expect to be the Advertiser wedding of the week.

Advertiser wedding of the week

If the font is too small and hard to read in the image above, here is the writeup-

FOR Craig and Renae, when it comes to sentimental proposal locations, Devil’s Peak, in the Flinders Ranges, ticked all the boxes. After all, it was where the couple – who met through a friend – had their first date and lived for a year. So it was fitting then for Craig to ask Renae that life-changing question during a picturesque location.

For the happy duo, creating a relaxed atmosphere at their wedding was first and foremost. They chose McLaren Vale venue, Coriole Vineyards, to host both ceremony and reception. Family and friends travelled from near and far for the occasion, including guests from as far as Hong Kong. The reception venue was dressed in a rustic theme, and guests were treated to a Bracegirdle’s chocolate fountain and a candy bar. But when Then by Brad Paisley began to softly play, it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife.

Renae said the day was filled with highlights from start to finish. “But the standout moment would have to be dancing the night away with family and friends,” she said. The bridal party included Rebecca Scully, Belinda Kelly, Jodie Grimm, Michel Smale, Tim Brice and Hamish Smith. Pageboy was the couple’s son Rily Watson. Renae, 31, is the daughter of Francis and Ellen Watson of Marino. Craig, 36, is the son of Chris Ranger, of Glengowrie, and the late Mike Ranger.

Article by Roxanne Allan of Advertiser Weddings

Beach Huts Middleton Wedding – Sarah & Tom

Sarah and Tom’s Beach Huts Middleton wedding was a delightfully intimate family affair with the focus being on enjoying themselves with their friends and family without ducking out too much to have photos taken. Due to this Sarah and Tom opted to have their glamour photos done before their ceremony at the nearby Middleton beach which was super busy due to the warm weather!

Middleton Beach First Look

While I’ve called their photoshoot beforehand a ‘first look‘ truth was that Sarah and Tom both arrived together so that whole idea of getting over the nerves with a first look photoshoot had already been done that morning :). All Sarah and Tom were really after were a couple of nice photos together without having to spend too much time away from their family and friends at the Beach Huts Middleton.

So after they arrived about 30 mins late due to usual wedding morning shenanigans, Sarah and Tom only had about half the amount of time originally allocated to have their photos done – but it was plenty of time to walking up the Middleton beach board walk and walk about the beach a bit. A bit of photoshop was required to remove all the other beachgoers though!

Beach Huts Middleton Wedding Ceremony

As is usually the case with a Beach Huts Middleton Wedding, Sara and Tom opted to hold their ceremony on the grassy area nearby the tennis courts, surrounded by the delightful little beach huts which the venue gets it’s name from.

While Sarah and Tom had opted to do thir photoshoot beforehand, they still did the traditional bridal entrance where she walked down the aisle with father on one arm and veil covering her face before approaching her soon to be husband.

The ceremony was a lovely, simple affair spearheaded by vows full of in jokes and funny anecdotes of the couple’s lives together.


After the ceremony and before heading to the Blue’s restaurant on site at the Beach Huts Middleton for the evening reception, Sarah and Tom hosted a laid back afternoon reception for their guests which they were keen to be a part of.

The afternoon was full of lawn games, having fun with friends, and a couple of guests even picked up the tennis racquets and tried to hit my camera 😛 Every now and again I might catch Sarah and Tom and pull them aside for a quick photo, but I was aware they diddnt want to leave their friends and family for too long 🙂

The reception within Blues restaurant consited of a nice sit down dinner, with simple addons like a photobooth in the corner run by ‘In the Booth’, a kareoke machine set up as the DJ and Tom acted as his own MC – even going as far as announcing himself and Sarah as they entered the building!

It was a beautifully fun filled afternoon with plenty of lovely people laughing, playing and having a great time being together to celebrate this lovely couple’s love for one another.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Tom for having me capture their delightful Beach Huts Middleton Wedding for them! I had a blast taking the photos and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did taking them! Cheers!

Mollydooker Wines Wedding – Jiayi & Sam

Jiayi and Sam held their Mollydooker wines wedding on a rather windy and overcast day, but that certainly diddnt dampen the feeling and love between these two, and all involved! The day was full of fun – and often crazy times, and the weather even opened up for some spectacular shots later on in the day!

Mollydooker wines was a new wedding venue for me, so I was very much looking forward to covering Jiayi and Sam’s wedding there, and what a spot it is! Rolling hills, beautiful trees and a cozy little reception hall!

Before the ceremony

I began my wedding photography coverage at Mollydooker wines itself, capturing the arrival of Sam and his entourage where they quickly got ready by putting on their buttionare and having a few photos with each other before Jiayi and her bridal party arrived.

Sam was in two minds right up to the beginning of their wedding ceremony as to whether or not to hold the ceremony outside. As it turned out he decided to hold the ceremony inside due to the blustery winds and the rain clouds threatening to drench everyone outside.

Jiayi was prepared in a back office room at Mollydooker wines, out of the way of prying eyes of her groom to be – which we had to make sure he wouldnt ruin the surpise as he would often try to see her! I think we managed though 🙂

Mollydooker Wines Wedding

Jiayi and Sam’s Mollydooker wines wedding took place in the winery’s reception area, which was not to plan due to the weather. The change in venue caused a bit of a fuss with the Mollydooker wines staff having to clear out the area of regular lunchtime guests in time for the ceremony to take place! But they did an admirable job!

Jiayi and Sam’s ceremony was a short and simple affair with some small in jokes here and there, this coupled with the close proximity of all their guests made the whole ceremony a delight to be a part of!

Glamour Shoot

After the formailities were out of the way, including the mandatory family photos we went for a walk out and about the Mollydooker Wines grounds to make good use of the sun now peeking out of the clouds that earlier had earlier threatened the ceremony.

The vineyard was a favourite of mine with the large, broad grape leaves and unkeptness of the foliage making a perfect frame for some intimate portraits of Jiayi and Sam!

I also loved the rolling grassy hill to the rear of the reception area which coupled with the poor weather made for some very moody shots!

I had a blast taking photos despite the poor weather! Just goes to show that if you do have poor weather at your wedding there is always a silver lining – in this case some awesome atmosphere to create lovely photos!

Mollydooker Wines Wedding Reception

The Mollydooker Wines wedding reception area is a modern space but still sports a rustic feel due to it’s wooden features and surrounding windows that look out over the winery’s grounds.

The space was full for Jiayi and Sam’s sit down reception complete with heartfelt speeches and excited guests.

Thanks so much to jiayi and Sam for having me as your wedding photographer! Your day was a blast to be a part of and I hope you enjoy your photos! 😀

Trinity Lutheran Church Wedding – Danielle & Adam

Danielle and Adam were married in one of the oldest little churches in South Australia on an incredible day amongst wonderful people. The entire day, despite being quite a long one for me was an absolute joy to be a part of. Their Seppeltsfield wedding was held at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Rowland flat then headed off down the road for glamour photos at the stunning Seppeltsfield winery which I had visited for a previous wedding. Finally their reception was held at the rather interestingly built Barossa Weintal Hotel. Danielle and Adam took advantage of my generous full day wedding package to have me right from the beginning of the bridal party’s preparation at their hairdresser’s in North Adelaide, right through to the end of their reception in Tanunda.

Preparation Photos

As I said, I was with the girls first, which kind of breaks from my usual itinerary for a wedding day, but they asked me to take photos as they were having their hair done so I went! I always aim to cover exactly what my clients ask of me!

After about 30 minutes of taking photos at the bridal party’s hair salon, I headed to the place of preparation for Adam and his grooms men. I was quite surprised to find that one of his grooms men was Jono, a groom I shot his wedding for only a few months earlier! It’;s absolutely crazy how often I bump into people I had previously met at other weddings I cover. Adelaide is such a small city in many ways 🙂

After the grooms men I then headed off to the house where Danielle was being prepared with her bridesmaids and flower girls after having had their hair done. The decor in their house lent itself well to the taking of wonderful wedding photographs, with a marble table for closeups of rings and bridal affects through to a wonderful lit doorway to hang the wedding dress.

Trinity Lutheran Church Wedding Ceremony

The Trinity Lutheran Church in Rowland flat was built in 1853 after the disastrous flooding of the Hoffnungsthal settlement nearby. However the original church no longer stands as a new Church was built in 1955. A pretty little church, the building boasts a beautiful single steeple and large square lobby with 3 way doors. Two leading outside while the third into the chapel proper. The church is surrounded by easily accessible vineyards which we made use of for wedding photos.

Seppeltsfield winery photos

Directly after the ceremony, family photos and using the nearby vineyards for a few shots, we headed off down the road to the picturesque Seppeltsfield winery. The Seppeltsfield winery is an iconic winery in the Barossa region, with history dating back to 1851. The grounds offer absolutely amazing backdrops perfectly suitable for wedding photography.

Barossa Weintel Hotel Reception

The Barossa Weintel Hotel caters for weddings, big and small. Danielle and Adam’s wedding reception took place in their main room that was cause for much debate of what it used to be. The room was circular and it’s roof was raked into the centre resembling a rocket ship’s nose. While we were enjoying the marvellous fare provided by the staff, we put forward a number of theories, including grain silo through to old horse training building. Nothing really made a lot of sense for a number of reasons so it remained a mystery. Was a pretty room none the less, perfect for wedding receptions. Perhaps someone could enlighten me with a comment below on what it used to be?

Thankyou Danielle and Adam for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope you enjoy your wedding photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!