Announcing the 2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest


2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest

Each and every year I run a little bit of a contest for all the married couples I covered their wedding for in the previous year. I ask for each couple I was their wedding photographer for to select a single favourite photo from all of the wedding photos I took on their day and put them up for vote to win the title of ‘SvenStudios 2021 wedding photo of the year’.

Usually I try to run this contest much earlier in the year – and certainly not mid year, however this past 6 months have been absolutely insane in the wedding service industry – I personally have covered as many weddings as I would usually have had in a whole 12 months! This was of course all due to the roll-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing everyone to postpone their weddings to around the same time as everyone else! As a result I’ve been lagging behind a bit with editing, not just the weddings I covered at the end of 2020, but also the 2021 weddings I had to edit and get back as fast as I could.

As with any of my wedding photo of the year contests, I always keep completely hands off with selecting any of the images, allowing my wedded couples to select their own personal favourite photos, or none at all! This means that these images are not necessarily the same images I would have chosen if I were to do the same thing when looking at their images. If you were interested in what images I would have chosen however I’ve put together a simple slideshow video of some of my favourite images from each of the weddings I have covered in 2020.

To entice as many people to vote as possible, I also always offer a AU$100 cash prize to one random voter chosen once voting has ended. I record and vette each vote as they come in and have a rather sophisticated anti-duplicate detection system in place so as to deter any cheating or duplicate voting to keep things fair. To make things a little more interesting this year, I’m also going to add an additional entry into this $100 draw for each person who shares their vote on their social media!

Keep in mind you do not need to share on your social media in order to submit a vote as not everyone has social media accounts.

The owner of the winning photo will recieve a large framed print or perspex mounted print of their image – of if they have already had one printed of their favourite image – of another of their choice.

In past contests, and I’m sure it will be the same in the 2021 wedding photo of the year contest, the winning image has been not only the most voted on, but also the most shared on social media – remember every individual vote, and sharing individual that is recorded goes into the draw to win a simple $100, so after voting, share your favourite photo on facebook to support it as much as possible!

Voting starts in
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2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest entries

National Wine Center Wedding – Pat & Kat

Pat and Kat held a stunning National Wine Center wedding early in April surrounded by delightful family and friends who all made sure that Pat and Kat had an absolute blast on their big day!

The sun was shining, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens looked amazing and the National Wine Center Wedding staff were top notch! They even helped me find a park right outside – which is often very tricky around the Botanic Gardens!


I started out the day at Patrick’s place of preparation with his groomsmen and his parents. They were all in good spirits, with Patrick’s parents super happy to be as helpful as possible!

It was a treat to head to Katerina’s place of preparation – what a stunning house almost on the waterfront at Semaphore! I was super lucky to get a park as the entire area is always swarming with beach goers, but I lucked out right outside the house!

Inside there was a hive of activity, from the bridesmaids fussing about trying to fix broken earrings to little babies being fed by grandparents, and of course the bride herself getting herself ready with makeup, and hair.

The house afforded quite a few nice vantage points to take some lovely photos – and we simply ran out of time using them all!

National Wine Center Wedding Ceremony

Pat and Kat’s National Wine Center wedding ceremony took place on the grassy area just beyond the main bulding, while it was a very sunny day, the surrounding foliage of the bushy trees provided for quite a bit of shade for the ceremony and guests and provided a lovely green backdrop for all their photos.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Photo Shoot

As the National Wine Center shares a border with the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, I often like to refer to the venue as the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s unofficial 10th ceremony location where there are normally 9 within the gardens proper. As such we spent a little while walking about the Gardens for glamour photos – even venturing into the nearby Botanic Park to make use of the stunning moreton bay fig trees.

National Wine Center Wedding Reception

Pat and Kat held their National Wine Center wedding reception in the Exhibition hall, on the second story of the wine center. The appeal of this particular function space for a wedding reception is the wide open, but segmented spaces for each part of the wedding reception. As you walk in the main doors, there is the bar and where I set up my photobooth alongside the tables for gifts, and other wedding knick knacks, then there is a central area for the dance floor, and finally the seating areas with ample room for hundreds of guests.

The walls of the exhibition hall is lined with wine bottles and iinteresting tidbits on the history of wine making in South Australia and Australia as a whole. It’s a very nice space which oozes elegance and formality.

One fun thing that Pat and Kat decided to do for their wedding that was quite unique was create a bit of a ‘couple’s logo’. They used their graphic design skills to produce a logo based on their P & K initials which they then used on pretty much everything to do with their wedding day – from invites, cufflinks, photobooth printouts, even a giant decal the National Wine Center had placed on their dance floor. I thought it was pretty awesome, and a very neat way to personalise everything in a simple, but smart way.

Towards the end of the evening we managed to duck out to the main entrance to the National Wine Center to use from smoke in a can and lights to take some after dark photos, and Pat and Kat also organised some sparklers for a sparkler send off which was pretty enat walking down that long, curving walkway!

Thanks so much to Pat and Kat for having me be your wedding photographer! I had a great day and I hope you guys enjoy your photos!

Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding – Emily & Angel

Emily and Angel held their lovely intimate wedding ceremony at the the Cruising Yacht Club of SA. The prestige of this venue is apparent as soon as you arrive as you’re surrounded by multi million dollar yachts in a stunning location! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for a few hours, seeing me with them for their preparation, through to the first parts of their early reception dinner.


Emily and Angel chose to be prepared on the same location, together at a property not far from the Cruising Yacht Club. The atmosphere was reasonably laid back with family and freinds also on site fussing about, preparing lunch, or getting ready while watching a Chinese action movie on the TV in the background. I was treated to some scrumptous home made food while there, and it was very much appreciated!

As Emily and Angel were being prepared at the same lcoation they could share makeup artists and hairdressers, without having them travel to multiple locations in the morning – this made everything run much smoother than what I have experienced in the past, and everyone was ready to leave, and head to the ceremony quite early.

Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding Ceremony

The Cruising Yacht club of SA is a well kept secret of Adelaide wedding venues, nestled along the shores of the north-western Adelaide beaches, the marina and club rooms are hard to spot unless you are looking out for the venue as you drive past. The main draw of the venue for weddings would be the views of the marina and exclusivity of the space provided – including gated car parking and a hidden wedding ceremony spot.

The wedding ceremony location set up at the Cruising Yacht Club of SA is a small, dedicated area set off to the side of the marina, shaded by cloth sails and headlined by an impressive concrete circular station where the bridal couple stands during the ceremony. Emily and Angel’s wedding ceremony was held bilingually in both English and Chinese for the benefit of all those in attendance and made everyone smile with it’s innate sweetness and beauty.

Glamour Photos

After the ceremony and family photos which we held just behind where the wedding ceremony took place, we first used the Cruising Yacht Club of SA’s lovely marina lined with huge yachts to take some glamour photos. Emily and Angel had even arranged to use the bow of one of the yachts to have photos done, which was wonderfully unique. We then went on a short drive to Grange beach where we used the lovely sand dunes and jetty for more shots, while also making use of the large kites that were being flown that day as a backdrop.

Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding Reception

The Cruising Yacht club of SA has a number of different function rooms to choose from when holding a wedding ceremony. As Emily and Angel’s wedding party wasn’t on the large side, they opted to make use of the smaller of the available areas for their wedding reception. It was a nice space that boasted sweeping views of the marina and all the boats. The highlight of their party I feel was their duel bouquet toss, where they both threw their bouquet at the same time. it’s always fun when everyone joins in for that! WHile I wasn’t there for their entire reception, the atmosphere was friendly, laid back and felt very family friendly, with evertyone enjoying themselves and listening to speeches.

Thanks go out ot Emily and Angel for having me as their wedding photographer!

Seagrass Long Point Wedding – Hobart – Georgia & Matt

Heading down to Hobart is always a treat, and heading down to capture some Hobart wedding photography is even better! – particularly when the bridal couple are as keen as I am to create some awesome photography! Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding had us galavanting through waterfalls, climbing mountains, destroying cameras and battling the wind all to create some awesome memories!

I had an absolute blast!

First Look Photoshoot

For me ever since Georgia and Matt said they would be keen on having a photoshoot in front of some of Hobart’s local waterfalls, I had been looking forward to heading out there with them with great anticipation!

The day before the wedding at Seagrass Long Point, we met by the beginning of the Cascades track – just behind the Cascade Brewery in order to conduct a bit of a ‘first look’ where Matt sees Georgia for the first time while wearing her dress.

It’s a rare enough occurance that a bride would be keen on getting ready to the extent one does on a wedding day twice in a row in order to have photos done, let along get ready in all her finery, and then traipse through canyons and hike around waterfalls! But I very much thank both Georgia and Matt for making the effort, as I’m very excited about their photos! Even though they did cost me one of my cameras which decided to go for a bit of a swim at one of the waterfalls :/

In the dying light of the afternoon, we made a bee-line to the summit of Mt Wellington to catch what was left of the sunset. Unfortunately it wasnt the best sun set, but we made do with what was available, including getting the lights of Hobart twinkling in the background in some of their shots.


The next day, thankfully my swimming camera had decided to come back from the dead which meant I diddnt have to make a mad dash to the camera store!

I began the day with Matt and his groomsmen being prepared at a rather nice bed and breakfast near Taroona – just south of Seagrass Long Point. The main topic of conversation was the rather ‘fun’ COVID restrictions that had caused a headache for some of the travelling guests Georgia and Matt had invited. Georgia and Matt by the way, despite previously living in Hobart, now live in Perth and had also travelled to Hobart as a destination wedding.

Georgia and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a family home further north in midway point. The house boasted a lovely, open master bedroom which was actually supposed to be the house’s rumpus room so had a huge amount of room to take beautiful, airy photos in.

The girls were all having a grand old time getting ready and reminiscing over their exploits during Georgia’s hen’s night while also taking the time to create some beautiful memories such as having Dad come in for an emotional first look of Georgia’s dress and Mum helping put it on.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Ceremony

The Seagrass Long Point wedding venue is situated south of the Hobart CBD, slightly further south than the famed wrest point. The area boasts a large public park which looked to be quite popular with the locals, while Georgia and Matt’s ceremony took place on a strip of grass overlooking the River Derwent, or the harbour of Hobart.

Unfortunately the wind was a tad strong, and Georgia and Matt had some trouble adjusting to the sun glaring directly at them, but I think once they turned to look at one another during the ceremony all was well.

Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony, and family photos havig been shot using the Seagrass Long Point balcony, we head off around the park a little bit for some glamour photos with the bridal party – as they were not dressed up yesterday when we visited the waterfalls and Mt Wellington.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Reception

Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding reception was set up along two long tables, with a head table at one end of the reception hall, and a dancing area at the other. The reception hall was a lovely intimate affair, overlooking the river from a high vantage point which made the whole space feel rather cozy considering the plummeting temperature outside.

Georgia and Matt’s guests all had a good go on the dance floor, making sure it was being used all night! Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thankyou Georgia and Matt for having me shoot your Seagrass Long Point wedding! It was a beautiful couple of days, and thanks so much for heading out on a cross-country hike in wedding attire!

Kangaroo Island Elopement – Claire & Jacob

Claire and Jacob held a super secret Kangaroo Island Elopement unbeknownst to all their family and friends except for their witnesses! From the moment I met with Claire and Jacob I knew their elopement was going to be a special one, and it certainly turned out to be a fantastic day starting from sunrise on pennashw’s beach, up to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse before finally heading to Pennington bay for their elopement ceremony.

Morning Photoshoot

We began the day at the crack of dawn – hoping for a stunning sunrise to illuminate the sky behind the lovely rocks at Frenchman’s rock. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be with a rather overcast beginning to the morning, we made use of the rock formations anyway, before finally slivers of the sunrise revealed itself towards the end of our time there.

As a result Claire and Jacob’s Kangaroo Island elopement photoshoot began by getting our feet wet a bit, which in my books is the best way to start a day of photo taking! Next stop was scaling cliffs near the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse!

Before heading out to the lighthouse however, we made use of the nearby Sculpture trail on Penneshaw beach to take some shots within some of the sculputes and on the lovely suspension bridge cutting across the gully.

The last time I was on Kangaroo Island before Claire and Jacob’s kangaroo island elopement was about 10 years prior, and I had just got into photography then. I ventured out this way myself hoping to capture some stunning landscapes and of course I did so – but that trip allowed me to remember some amazing spots bewteen Penneshaw and Cape Willoughby – including tree lines dirt roads and grass along the sides of some roads! made sure we made use of them.

Our time at the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse was the moment I was most looking forward to before heading out for Claire and Jacob’s elopement. I remembered there was an amazing winding road leading to the lighthouse itself, and also some stunningly tall cliffs whcih I was keen to ask Claire and Jacob to scale for photos! I was lucky they were keen to do so! Not since Georgia in Hobart had I seen a bride so willing to run around on rocks in her wedding dress before the ceremony!

It was absolutely marvellous despite viewing the footage my wife took after the fact and realising how high the cliffs under us really were!