Al-Ru Farm

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Al-Ru Farm Wedding - Hailey & Brad
AlRu Farm Wedding - Rachael & Jason

Al-Ru Farm is a gem of a wedding venue, purpose built for a self-sustained wedding for small to medium sized wedding congregations, with facilities to cater to larger sized ones too with the option of holding wedding receptions outside. This beautiful farm offers breathtaking views in every direction over ever changing country rambling gardens that are beyond comparison in South Australia. It’s gardens provide endless vantage points for photography, and the sun sets ever so nicely in the perfect angles for some great scenes. it always feels like cheating when photographing here!

There are several locations where wedding ceremonies can be held, with the most popular being a small grasyy area towards the end of an archway of vines which the bride would walk down to reach the congregation. Other spots include the grassy area near the house, or another grassy area surrounded by greenery, or even nearby the pond.

The reception hall is lined with doxens of large mirrors, making it look bigger than what it is, and can be suitable for small to medium sized weddings, while larger wedding receptions would need to be held outside on the lawns nearby the house.