Al-Ru Farm Wedding - Hailey & Brad

Al-Ru Farm Wedding – Hailey & Brad

Hailey and Brad’s Al-Ru Farm Wedding took place on a stunning day in mid November and made for some stunning photos and awesome memories for all those involved! Hailey and Brad had put huge amount of effort into making their day as stunning as possible, and they certainly did a great job! I was so pleased to be Hailey and Brad’s wedding photographer and I feel as though I took some neat shots!


The day started as it usually does with Brad and his groomsmen where they were being prepared in room at the Mawson Lakes hotel. It was a nice sized room which allowed everyone to move about and create some nice wide sweeping shots. The atmosphere was jovial, with the boys all ripping on one another and drawing attention to their matching underwear they had bought specially for the occasion! They made an appearance again later in the night during Eagle rock.

Hailey and her bridal party were being prepared on site at Al-Ru farm in the awesome little cottage bed and breakfast they have. The cottage features some wonderfully rustic features like a wall of arched windows and beautiful wooden floors. It’s a great set up – perfect for wedding photos like this! The girls were all enjoying their morning when I arrived and were enjoying sharing a bottle of their favourite wine. The highlight of the morning I feel was when Dad walked in for the reveal of Hailey’s dress – which is always an awesome moment to capture!

Al-Ru Farm Wedding ceremony

Hailey and Brad’s Al-Ru farm wedding ceremony took place in the purpose built little grassy area on site with the sun located behind the bride and groom. As it was a fairly sunny day, this is always appreciated by a wedding photographer as it makes it that much easier to expose correctly.

There was a humerous moment as the ceremony began where Hailey seemed to purposely take her time to make an appearance, the guests all made funny faces towards Brad, heckling him as if she wasn’t arriving – but of course she did 🙂 The whole ceremony was a light hearted affair, complete with several readings from family and friends. The whole thing was quite beautiful.

Glamour Photos

Al-Ru farm is an incredible little gem hidden amongst the Adelaide hills, it almost seems purpose built to take stunning wedding photos wherever you venture – I could easily spend all day just wandering about the gardens with a couple and take awesome photos! After the usual family photos, Hailey, Brad and their bridal party went for a bit of a walk through the gardens making use of the incredible foliage available. From the trees, to the yellowed grass and the sunset setting over the pond – they were all amazing scenes. During the night we also head out to the lovely little greenhouse Al-Ru Farm has on site and I opened a smoke bomb, filling it with white smoke to create an awesome effect, worked really well!

Al-Ru Farm Wedding reception

Speaking about smoke – Hailey and Brad has a bit of smoke going all night on their dance floor – making it tricky to get shots of their first dance – but the ones that did turn out, turned out awesomely! Really adds to the atmosphere. Everyone involved at the reception all seemed like they had an awesome time, complete with copious amounts of drinking and fun times. 🙂

I’d like to thank Hailey and Brad for having me as their wedding phtoographer – I had an awesome time at their wedding and I hope they enjoy their photos!

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