The Manor Basket Range

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The Manor Basket Range Wedding - Ameeta & Brenton 1
The Manor Basket Range Wedding

The Manor Basket Range is an incredible oasis of medieval pagentry located just out of Adelaide, exactly where you wouldnt normally expect to find a huge castle!

While it’s a modern interpretation of a facade of a castle, it’s still a lot of fun arriving at such a place and imaginging you’ve stepped back in time to middle aged Europe and holding an incredible wedding as a newly wed prince or princess!

Generally wedding ceremonies at the Manor are held in front of the delightful little stone chapel erected specifically for the purpose. The area boasts enough sitting space for mid to large size weddings, while the area also makes use of a small pond which is great to separate the wedding ceremony from guests – which is great when considering the area from a wedding photographer‘s perspective.

There are a selection of two reception halls on site, one just above the ceremony area which is decked out with lovely stone walls, and makes use of a sweeping outdoor area which guests love to use on a nice night to socialise and stand about.

The other reception hall is upstairs from the main entry hall. This is for larger wedding congregations with ample room for large wedding receptions. The great thing about this reception hall is the beautiful set up of stained glass windows behind the head table.

The manor basket range also boasts a large number of hotel rooms to hoast many of your guests after your party.

As for photos, the main draw of this wedding venue is definitely the castle keep itself, and the best place to view this is from the driveway leading to the main entrance. in the center here is also a beautiful old style fountain which makes for a nice backdrop in itself.

behind the chapel is also a nice little green area that makes for a change of pace in photo style from the continuous stone brick you’ll bound to use all around the site most of the time.