Mt Compass Engagement Shoot – Claire & Aaron

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot

I had an absolute blast shooting Claire and Aaron’s Mt Compass engagement shoot! I mean take a look at all that golden light that was filtering in through the stunning Australian bushland!

Claire and Aaron are lucky enough to have a friend who owns a farm in Mt Compass – just south of Adelaide that features stunning rolling hills, ponds, rugged bush and some incredible trees. They even made it easy on me and decided to head out for their engagement shoot during golden hour which really made things pretty darn awsome! Turned out to be a stunning shoot!

We began at the top of a hill, which had some huge, gnarly gum trees which we stood under for a few shots to warm up, then walked down the other side to find a stunning little pond enveloped with lush gum trees. There was no wind so the water was still and made for some lovely reflections.

We then head back up the hill and made use of the dying light of the sun filtering in throguh the foliage – which was really beatiful! The hill also overlooked the lovely folling hills that make up the majority of Onkaparinga.

To finish up I broke up one of my last smoke bombs to create a little bit of atmosphere with the sun light filtering in through the smoke.

I had a blast! Looking forward to Claire and Aaron’s wedding at Serafino’s Winery early January now! 😀

Thanks so much Claire and Aaron for having me shoot your Mt COmpass Engagement shoot! Was amazing!

South Terrace Engagement – Molly & Ian

Molly and Ian had booked me for their South Terrace Engagement shoot a while back, but were thwarted by bad weather for a couple of weeks before we finally met up. The day we did meet up wasn’t really much better, with the temperature on the chilly side, and the heavens continually threatening to open up on us. That being the case however, Molly and Ian’s demeanor was fun and bubbly all throughout their shoot which made it a whole lot of fun!

After meeting in front of  Himeji Gardens where we spent around 30 minutes taking photos within the gardens, we head over to Veal gardens just up the road where we walked a lap of the area.

Here’s a small preview of some of their photos taken on the day, and I’m looking forward to their wedding even more now at the St Francis Winery next September!

South Terrace Engagement Shoot

South Terrace Engagement – Chloe & Alex

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when Chloe, Alex and I headed out to South Terrace for a little engagement shoot before their wedding in July. I really wanted to make use of the wonderful winter sun shining through some foliage, so I suggested heading to South Terrace to make use of the stunning Himeji gardens, and Veal gardens. Chloe and Alex also wanted to head to a beach for some sunset shots, so towards the end of the engagement shoot we headed down to Brighton beach.

I offer my wedding couples the option of having an engagement shoot before their wedding day for a few different reasons. In Chloe and Alex’s case they wanted some nice photos to use on their thank you cards directly after their wedding so they didn’t have to wait too long before they were sent out. But other reasons would be to use on your ‘save the date’ cards or your invitations, they could also even be used on your wedding’s website if you choose to have one made. They also look fantastic printed and put on display at your wedding reception.

South Terrace Engagement shoot

Himeji Gardens

We started out at the picturesque Himeji Gardens, and despite the chilly weather, the gardens were quite busy so we had to be careful on which direction we were shooting. The beautiful foliage in the gardens combined with the setting sun made for some wonderful scenery.

Veal Gardens

Just down the road, on South Terrace is Veal gardens, a popular wedding venue close to the city that boasts a lovely meandering man-made stream and small ponds, dotted along the walking path. The well manicured gardens always provides for a lovely backdrop for a photoshoot!

Brighton Beach

As the sun was setting at an alarming rate, we jetted off to Brighton beach where Alex and Chloe staged a bit of an engagement scene. It was quite entertaining as many passing onlookers congratulated them thinking he had just proposed, despite them already being engaged 🙂

The entire shoot was over in around 90 minutes and was a tonne of fun! I’m looking forward to their wedding even more now!

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot – Olivia & Dimitri


It wasn’t the nicest day to go out and do a photo shoot out and about high in the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, but I’m so glad Olivia and Dimitiri were keen to head out anyway as the colours you can get here are just incredible! Also the rising mist from early in the morning just made the feeling of their engagement photos that much more surreal!

Olivia and Dimitri were umming and ering over where to go for their photoshoot, thinking maybe a beach, or the Belair National Park but in the end were very keen on heading to the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, mainly due to it was where Dimitri had originally proposed.

As this engagement shoot was happening only a few weeks after when they were supposed to be married, I thought this was quite appropriate! Olivia and Dimitri had had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Once a location was chosen, I really wanted to make use of the lovely light either in the late afternoon for the golden hour, or early morning.

We ended up getting up early on the freezing morning for the gates to open at 8:30 as the COVID-19 restrictions had just been lifted and we expected the Botanic Gardens to be packed with people trying to get out and about a bit! The early start, coupled with the drizzly weather meant we had the whole Gardens to ourselves.

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot

We began our photoshoot walk at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens lower carpark, nearby the dam wall. Our first reaction when arriving was that we were super lucky to still have some colours in the autumn leaves that made these botanic gardens so magical! I was kind of hoping to get a bit of fog into their photos, but it was fast rising.

We quickly hopped up the nearby hill to make use of some trees that were losing their leaves, then head down to the water’s edge as I wanted to use my favourite tree in all of the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, but unfortunately it had already lost all it’s leaves 🙁

Olivia and Dimitri certainly made it easy as their carefree attitude was present all throughout the photoshoot and they had plenty of smiles on their faces!

We then head across the dam, which I feel is always an awesome shot to get, making the couple feel as though they are out in the middle of nowhere on ther path way. It’s a very tricky shot to get though as usually the dam walkway is always full of dozens of other people walking across!

The big draw of the Botanic Gardens are the wonderfully vivid autumnal colours you can get at this time of year, and thankfully we were able to capture some before they all fell from the trees. The colours, coupled with the misty morning really made for some wonderful scenes!

I had a blast taking photos with Olivia and Dimitri during this weather, but it’s so rare to get a couple to get up this early and head out in bad weather like this! 🙂

Just have a ook at the types of unique scenes you can get in weather like this! from fog, to muted autumnal colours!@ It’s a great time to take photos! Just not so great if you want to stay snug and warm :/

I’d like to thank Olivia’s sister in law Thalia whose engagement shoot had been given to them by her mother for giving Olivia and Dimitri their engagement shoot! It’s always nice to know that people appreciate their photos so much they have their family and friends also have their photos taken with me! 🙂

Tiwi Islands Engagement shoot – Jane & David

Tiwi Islands Engagement Shoot

Since expanding my operations to the Northern Territory, in particular Darwin through my website, I’ve been super keen on heading up to the Northern End of Australia to shoot again. So when Jane contacted me via my instagram feed, I jumped at the chance on shooting in the most remote area of Australia I have yet visited.

Jane and David were awesome hosts for a 2 night stay on the islands, where they both work in the local community,  and in exchange for their wonderful hospitality I was to shoot a bit of an engagement shoot while galavanting around the island!

The first day

After having spent a few days in Darwin – taking photos of the lovely beaches and the amazing sunsets Darwin has to offer, I head out to the Tiwi Islands on a ferry to meet Jane and David whom were both working, so once I arrived I was picked up by David, then had a bit of time to explore the community before they both knocked off work. It was rather surreal witnessing the Liberal coup where former Prime Minister Turnbull was ousted for Scott Morrison in such a remote part of Australia, from within an Aboriginal community – it felt quite distant an unimportant.

It’s this remoteness I think appeals to both Jane and David who both hail from Sydney originally that makes them love this place. The culture and sense of community surrounding them where they live is obvious in that everyone knows one another, when driving about, everyone waved and one another and the entire town felt very laid back.

Once Jane and david had finished their work, we went on a shot expedition to a small wood with lovely tall trees, through which the sun was beating down in typical Northern Territory fashion, so I made use of it!

We then head out of town for a bit to a lovely secluded beach beyond the so called ‘international Airport’ of Wurrumiyanga to make use of the fading sun. I found it quite funny that it was classified as a major airport when considering flight paths and ability to launch my drone as the airport consists of only an airstrip – that is apparently sinking into the ground – and a small shed. But anyway, the beach was stunning and out of range from flight limitations anyway.

The next morning, the plan was to get up at sparrows to make use of the sun rising over the local bay – while avoiding the giant croc that apparently inhabits the water around the area 🙂

Shortly after breakfast we were on the road to a delightful little natural spring waterhole were we stopped to have lunch and go for a dip. I was assured there were no crocs around the place here, but the water was so incredibly clear that nothing would be able to sneak up on us anyway. 😛

By the late afternoon we had reached our campsite for the night, a long white sand beach at the northern tip of the island. We spent some time fishing from the rocks, however caught more rocks than useful fish, then made use of the spectacular red cliffs and sunset for some more photos, all the while dodging the millions of hermit crabs scuttling along the beach, and keeping a wary eye out for crocs.

On the final day, once we returned home to town, we spent the afternoon waiting for the Darwin-bound ferry fishing on Jane and David’s boat. It was the first time I had experienced fishing on a boat, and Jane managed to land a huge 90cm Barramundi! Which we released, but she also caught herself a smaller one which David filleted up and gave me a fillet for dinner that night 🙂 I also managed to catch quite a few other fish – including some good sized snapper! All in all, my weekend in the Tiwi islands was not one I will soon forget!

Thanks so much to Jane and David for having me photograph them on the Tiwi islands – It’s a place I would never have thought of visiting otherwise, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity!