Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens were developed to be a little oasis within the city limits of Adelaide. Opened in 1857, it’s been a source of exotic greenery ever since. It’s the perfect spot to hold a wedding ceremony as it’s location is very central and the range of different views the area offers is unsurpassed. From the lush greenery and spectacular views within the gardens itself, to the urban scenes of the city, or the waterways of the nearby Torrens.

Being a public place, visitors are free to roam the gardens, and upwards of 4 weddings can take place at any one time within the gardens, but each wedding location has it’s unique charm and can be quite private, being surrounded by foliage.

The Gardens can also be the venue for your ceremony, having a classy restaurant located right at it’s center and can hold a modest wedding party of around 100 people.