Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony Locations

As an Adelaide based wedding photographer – I’ve been asked to cover plenty of weddings at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens – but did you know there are 9 different wedding venue spots available within the gardens? And that doesn’t include the adjacent Botanic Park and National Wine Center venues either!

My goal here is to help prospective wedding couples better understand what’s available at all the different Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony Locations, beyond what is available on the Botanic Garden’s own wedding ceremeony website to find out which is best suited to their own wedding.

Select your ceremony location on the map, or list below for more information and previous weddings that I have covered in the past at that location.


The Summerhouse


The Cycad Collection


Palm House Lawns




International Rose Garden


Araucarla Avernue


Northern Palm Garden


Economic Garden


Sunken Garden

The Summerhouse

The first of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding ceremony locations you’d bump into once walking into the gardens from North Terrace would be the Summer House gazebo.

The gazebo is of a generous size, suited for small to medium wedding congregations, the gazebo itself is made of a modden mesh which makes for ample light to seep into the under cover area.

If planning on a wedding in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, this and the Barbershop are the only ones with an undercover option for bad weather.

Summerhouse Weddings

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding

The Cycad Collection

The Cycad collection is a grassy area overlooking the Botanic Gardens pond. Whats great about it is that despite being right in the center of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, it’s a rather intimate space due to the surrounding foliage of the dense trees. Due to these trees, not much foot traffic from public garden visitors occur during your wedding ceremony.

There was once a 10th of the Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony Locations nearby the cycad collection inbetween the Summerhouse and the Cycad collection which I had covered a few weddings at – but the whole area boasts large sweeping green grassy areas surrounded by trees which is the main appeal of this area.

Cycad Collection Weddings

Botanic Garden Wedding
Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding

The Palm House Lawns

The appeal of the Palm House Lawns as a wedding ceremony location is having the historic Palm House as a backdrop. The Palm House is an exquisite, painstakingly restored Victorian glasshouse imported from Bremen, Germany in 1875. It is thought to be the only one of its kind still in existence.

This makes this ceremony spot quite unique not just amongst Adelaide wedding venues, but also the world.

The Barbershop

The Barbershop is the second of the undercover Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony Locations, along with the Summerhouse. The Barbershop is also a gazebo-style ceremony location, quite a bit smaller than the Summerhouse – but the great thing about this gazebo is that there is no centeral pole in this one, allowing for wider shots without a pole obstructing the bride and groom from the photo.

Behind the Barberhouse gazebo is also a private lawn surrounded by the creek that runs through the Botanic Gardens which makes for a rather intimate space away from most foot traffic. The grassy area is covered by a stunning tree that makes from some great group photos!

Barbershop Weddings

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding

The International Rose Garden

The International Rose Gardens is located in the shadow of the famed Bicentennial Conservatory. The appeal of the International Rose Garden is of course the idea of being married amongst a whole heap of roses!

Personally as a wedding photographer it’s my least favourite Botanic Gardens wedding ceremony locations due to the lack of surrounding foliage – other than roses – which is what the Adelaide Botanic Gardens so great.

Araucarla Avenue

If I were to hold my own wedding ceremony at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the Araucarla Avenue would be the spot I chose. This stunning location right in the center of the gardens, elevated on a hill is lined by super tall pine trees that are planted in such a way that at certain times of the year has the sun shine right down the center of them, making for some stunning back light for a wedding ceremony.

The great thing about the tall trees is also that most – if not all – of your guests are also seated in the shade. The only downside of the light here is that the bride usually walks into the area looking directly into the sunlight.

It’s a beautiful spot that’s not too far from any photo spot you may wish to head to first after your ceremony.

Araucarla Avenue Weddings

Botanic Gardens Adelaide Wedding Georgia Nick
Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding
Adelaide Botanic Garden Wedding

The Northern Palm Garden

The Northern Palm Garden is probably my second favourite Botanic Gardens wedding ceremony locations due to the way the sun shines through the backdrop of greenery behind the huge gum trees most hold their ceremony under.

In the late afternoon, the sun makes a beautiful golden glow backlighting a wedding ceremony, while also being a comfortable shaded area for your guests.

During the autumn, the entire area is surrounded by incredible yellow and orange leaves making it quite a special sight.

Northern Palm Garden Weddings

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Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding
Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding

The Economic Garden

The Economic Garden boasts possibly what would be the most formal setting for a wedding ceremony in the Botanic Gardens. The historic Boy and Serpent Fountain takes center piece amongst the space surrounded by walkways and curated grassy areas akin to a European style manor’s gardens.

Built in 1908 the grand old fountain is a popular spot for diversity in Botanic Gardens wedding photos, making a stark difference from constant greenery.

When considering the Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding ceremony locations bingo, I have covered Economic garden weddings in the past – it was just prior to when this website was built!

The Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden in the South East of Adelaide Botanic Gardens, nearest to the national Wine Center is perhaps the smallest and most intimate of the ceremony locations found in the Botanic Gardens.

Not many actually know this spot exists as it’s well hidden by hedges. The space incorpoates a small reflecting pool which a ceremony usually sets up in front of, while a small grassy area is where your guests would congregate. It’s not a huge space so smaller wedding ceremonies would be ideal here.

Sunken Garden Weddings

Sunken Garden Wedding
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