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The Golden Hour: Why Is It The Best Time For Photos?


The Golden Hour: Why Is It The Best Time For Photos?

The golden hour! Have you heard of it? If you are planning for your wedding or have spoken with a photographer, then, it should be in your lexicon. But what does it mean, especially with weddings?

Golden hour is that magical hour just before sunset when the atmosphere beams lighting that is perfect for taking photos. Before now, you must have seen some glowing wedding photographs of couples, and you can’t help but imagine when it was taken. No doubt, it’s possibly the golden hour. Finding the perfect time to capture priceless moments during a wedding ceremony can make all the difference.

But you shouldn’t be thinking about this on your wedding day, you have more important things to worry about. That’s why you need a photographer. And not just anyone will do. You need to hire a professional that understands the significance of this “hour” and what it means for your wedding.

As you plan for your wedding day, you must consider golden hour wedding photos and find an expert that knows how to leverage on this hour to make your day as memorable as it ought to be.

Sadly, many wedding photographers fail to take advantage of this hour during a wedding ceremony. The fact is that someone that lacks the intricate photography skills can easily get stuck up in the reception and watch the sunset waste away without taking any photos. Therefore, it takes an expert to know when the sunset is likely going to occur and how to take advantage of it to create images that the couple would be glad to look back on for many years to come.

What Makes The Golden Hour So Unique?

It’s hard to discuss creative wedding photography without mentioning the golden hour. Why is this so?

First of all, during this time, the sunlight is less harsh and softer and usually a golden colour – hence the name. Therefore, your photos will radiate a beautiful soft glow due to the beautiful bright flares that hit the lens of the camera. Photos taken during this time are also devoid of squinty eyes and strong shadows. This makes the job of the photographer a bit easier as he won’t have trouble trying to make the faces of those starring at the camera less awful.

The golden hour helps in creating astonishing images for any wedding. Here are more reasons why you should treasure this precious hour.

  • It brings out the best look in the couple.
  • It doesn’t limit the extent of creative photoshoots.
  • Photo editing is a lot easier (at least for us)
  • The unique sunset that follows a wedding day is important to capture

Lighting Can Make or Break Any Wedding Photo

You must have realised how valid these words are if you have ever seen an awful wedding photo that makes you wonder if the photographer threw his skills to the donkeys during the wedding. You might be the most stunning bride in history, and your partner might be looking his best too, but if the lighting is not right, then your photos are not going to be the best.

If you are preparing for your wedding and you desire the best possible photos, there is no other better time to plan for it other than now. The magical imagery created during the golden hour can make your wedding photographysomething to be  cherished forever.

The truth is that any experienced photographer must have realised that no matter how hard you force a smile from the faces of guests when taking photos, if the sun is too hot in the sky and the photos are taken outdoors, you might not get the best shot. It’s a big reason to have photos done during this time of day, other than the amzing golden light. Therefore, taking wedding photos during the golden hour does not just help to bring out your best look during your wedding day, it also makes the job of the photographer easier.

But… what if the golden hour is not our best time for photos?

It’s common for me as a photographer to wish we were out taking photos during golden hour, only to be stuck inside for the reception.  In adelaide the golden hour tends to be around 7-8pm, and most receptions start at about 6-6:30. have a think about whether or not having sunset photos in the golden hour is worth popping out again during your reception. Often is well worth the effort! In the end, you will love the soft ambiance that this hour creates and the magical light it radiates.

Hire a Professional Photographer For Your Big Day

There is nothing as devastating as hiring someone that can barely tell the difference between sunset and sunrise and how it affects wedding photos. That is why it is paramount to hire the best hands for your wedding. Fortunately, you have an expert photographer at your beck and call. I have worked with many clients all around Australia and the world and help them to take advantage of this precious hour. We can do the same for you. Instead of wondering what time is best to take wedding photos, let us help you plan it out.

We would love to hear from you and discuss your wedding photography needs as well as help you figure out the perfect spots to take advantage of this short time.

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