While most blogs generally relate to the wedding preparation of the bride and her bridal party, there’s not much out there about Wedding preparation tips for Men. So when bespokediamonds – a wedding ring designer from Dublin, Ireland – sent me this infographic to share on my site, I figured it was a fairly good idea! As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to around a hundred weddings, and at every single one, the men tend to need as much help as possible. I mean sure, some are better than others, but even at my own wedding I mistakenly forgot a few of these tips despite being a wedding professional! – pro tip men, iron your shirt BEFORE your big day 😉

This list of Wedding preparation tips for the groom and the men of the wedding would be perfect reading for those of you planning a wedding together, but sometimes the groom doesn’t have much of an idea of what, or how to contribute. So if you brides out there looking for some help, send him this way to have a little read. It’s his big day too, so it can’t hurt of brush up on the basics.

I love infographics like this, that outline quite complicated concepts such as organising a wedding in such a simple way you’d think that it’s the easiest thing in the world. It really isnt though, and having as much help as you can get should be a welcome sight to anyone going through the process. Organising the men can often be even more complicated so having this list of Wedding preparation tips should help out quite a bit. Enjoy!

Wedding preparation tips for Men