Announcing the 2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest


2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest

Each and every year I run a little bit of a contest for all the married couples I covered their wedding for in the previous year. I ask for each couple I was their wedding photographer for to select a single favourite photo from all of the wedding photos I took on their day and put them up for vote to win the title of ‘SvenStudios 2021 wedding photo of the year’.

Usually I try to run this contest much earlier in the year – and certainly not mid year, however this past 6 months have been absolutely insane in the wedding service industry – I personally have covered as many weddings as I would usually have had in a whole 12 months! This was of course all due to the roll-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing everyone to postpone their weddings to around the same time as everyone else! As a result I’ve been lagging behind a bit with editing, not just the weddings I covered at the end of 2020, but also the 2021 weddings I had to edit and get back as fast as I could.

As with any of my wedding photo of the year contests, I always keep completely hands off with selecting any of the images, allowing my wedded couples to select their own personal favourite photos, or none at all! This means that these images are not necessarily the same images I would have chosen if I were to do the same thing when looking at their images. If you were interested in what images I would have chosen however I’ve put together a simple slideshow video of some of my favourite images from each of the weddings I have covered in 2020.

To entice as many people to vote as possible, I also always offer a AU$100 cash prize to one random voter chosen once voting has ended. I record and vette each vote as they come in and have a rather sophisticated anti-duplicate detection system in place so as to deter any cheating or duplicate voting to keep things fair. To make things a little more interesting this year, I’m also going to add an additional entry into this $100 draw for each person who shares their vote on their social media!

Keep in mind you do not need to share on your social media in order to submit a vote as not everyone has social media accounts.

The owner of the winning photo will recieve a large framed print or perspex mounted print of their image – of if they have already had one printed of their favourite image – of another of their choice.

In past contests, and I’m sure it will be the same in the 2021 wedding photo of the year contest, the winning image has been not only the most voted on, but also the most shared on social media – remember every individual vote, and sharing individual that is recorded goes into the draw to win a simple $100, so after voting, share your favourite photo on facebook to support it as much as possible!

Voting starts in
5 4 4 5 days
3 2 2 3 hours
34 33 33 34 minutes
42 41 41 42 seconds


2021 Wedding Photo of the year contest entries

Debunking Common Myths About Wedding Photography

Common Myths About Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is, of course, one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life. It is the day when two hearts intertwine, committing to giving unconditional love and care.

The smiles, glances and all the memories can be captured in beautiful photographs. That is why it is necessary to hire reliable wedding photographers to make sure that your big day will be unforgettable.

When planning for your wedding photography, there can be a lot of things that you may hear. Below are some common myths about wedding photography that you should be aware of. Don’t worry; we’ve busted them for you!

Debunking Some Common Myths About Wedding Photography

Myth: I need to provide a “to-do” list of the wedding shot samples to my photographer 

Selecting a wedding photographer to capture one of the best moments of your life is crucial and there are many reasons why.

While it is good to assert your dream wedding ideas, it is better to trust the photographers to make your wedding photos memorable. Let their creativity flow. Trust in their expertise. Trust them fully by letting them do their best shot. 

Giving them a very detailed list of wedding pictures may make them feel like they cannot be creative on their own. It may even result in some delays as photographers have their personal touch and unique styles for every event that they cover.

Of course, you can always tell them if you want a specific wedding pose that you have been dreaming of or those very important family members you want to be included in the photoshoot, it’s just when a couple gets a little too controlling is when the photos produced tend to be of lower quality.

Myth: Candid/new-age photographers are not really into taking family portraits

Candid, and natural photography refers to the type of photographs captured with no creation of a posed appearance. This does not necessarily mean that photographers nowadays do not take family photos at all.

While candid photographers love to capture moments as they happen, they also take formal portraits. Because a wedding event is an occasion with your most favourite people, they would love to capture those happy faces posing in front of the camera – it’s kind of what is ‘expected’ from wedding photography, so not to have them at all in a wedding album would be a bit silly.

Myth: I do not need to hire a professional wedding photographer; my friend can do it with a DSLR

A wedding is like a one-time big-time event. You just can’t reschedule it for the next day if things do not go as planned. Having a good friend who can take good, decent shots for you is really helpful, but having professional wedding photographers can provide you with expertise and back-up if something unexpected happens. 

Don’t you want your friend to enjoy the wedding festivities as a guest? Or are they not important enough and you relegate them to being behind a camera all day? Having a professional come in means they will act professional, they wont act as a guest – only enough to be able to capture that personable vibe you have going on your day.

There is also probably a good reason why your professional wedding photographer is a professional wedding photographer, and not your friend with a camera. It’s what they do. It would be like hiring a friend to fix your roof just because they own a ladder.

Myth: The quality of my wedding photos will depend on the brand of the camera or on how expensive the equipment is

This is an old, old myth about wedding photography and has always been a subject of discussion. While a good camera helps in catching nice photos, it is still the photographer who is the one to capture stunning images. A good camera can bring a difference but only to an extent because, without a professional photographer’s skill, not much of an result will be achieved.

There is an old joke that goes something like this – ‘A chef notices a photographer flipping through some photos on their laptop while sitting down for lunch, admiring the photos the chef quips ‘They are some nice photos, you must have a nice camera!. To which the photographer replies ‘This is great food! You must have amazing pots and pans!’

The camera is a tool to do a job, while there are different grades of tools available, they are all still tools, and it’s not until a skilled person who knows how to use the tool uses it to create, then it’s nothing.

Of all the myths about wedding photography, this is probably the most common one to have come up at a wedding. It can be fun to talk gear to fellow camera aficionados, and I personally am guilty about super excited about a new camera I might be using – but it really doesn’t matter.

Myth: If only we have the best location, then we can have the most amazing wedding photos

Not all weddings have to happen in grand, majestic locations. Sure, there are some picturesque places that photographers had a chance of shooting for an event. But because your wedding may not be held in the most splendid place in town or on the cliff side of Santorini, that does not mean that your wedding photos will not be as amazing as you want them to be.

Professional wedding photographers are trained to capture moments from simple spaces to the grandest spots, with the aim of creating something special for the couple they are shooting for.

Entrust your wedding moments to professional wedding photographers. Forget the myths about wedding photography and make sure to achieve your dream wedding with their help.

Our wedding photography services at Sven Studios will make your wedding a moment that is worth remembering. Contact us today for more details!






Looking for the Right Wedding Photographers

Looking for the Right Wedding Photographers?

Weddings are one of the most important milestones that a person will experience in their lifetime, which makes it extra important to find wedding photographers that are best suited for the couple. However, it’s not always easy looking for affordable and well-reputed photographers that are also available on your date! Perticularly with the current backlog any weddings have due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are quite a few factors to consider when looking for the right wedding photographers and make sure that they could connect with the bride and groom. To guide you in this effort, here are a few pointers as to how you could find the right wedding photographers for your big day.

What to Know When Looking for the Right Wedding Photographers

Find The Right Wedding Photography Style

A great way for you to start narrowing down your options is by looking for a photographer that offers photos and effects that are to your liking. There are various ways for photographers to take photos of you, with one of the most common styles entail having the couple pose and smile directly at the camera.

But there are also modern variants where the couple poses for a more “candid” look, which sparks both authenticity and finesse. It’s important to settle for a photography style that you feel most comfortable with since your photos are the only thing you really keep from your wedding day!

When looking for a photographer, you should keep in mind that it’s important to have one that is experienced. An easy way to check a photographer’s reputation and skill is by asking to see their recent projects and shoots, while also checking reputable review sites. That should help give you a general idea of how their work goes.

Delivering A Story

When taking photos, the photographer often has a story in mind that they want to play out through the photos they’re taking. It’s important to communicate with your photographer and make sure that the couple and the photographer have a mutual understanding of what story they wish to deliver in the final product.

I generally aim to tell the story of the two personlities in front of my camera – its my experience that creates much more natural and pleasing photos, despite not being overly confident in front of a camera.

Having A Photographer Who Knows How To Take Flattering Photos

It’s undoubtedly important to tell a story when taking wedding photos; however, do you want to share images of you that aren’t as good looking as you want them to be?

This just means that you need a photographer who could both tell a story and make you look good at the same time! It’s important that the couple feels comfortable with the photos being taken as well as ensuring that their best angles are put into consideration.

There are so many things to think about when looking for the right wedding photographers. This is but a short list to help your understanding of what to look for in a wedding photographer. Keep in mind that your budget is what will dictate the overall availability of photographers in your area—but that should not stop you from getting a reputable photographer near you! Partnering with a professional is something that is well worth the investment, especially when it comes to the biggest day of your life!

Sven Studios is a team of professional photographers specialising in wedding photography that has covered a wide variety of events. Regardless of the venue or audience, we are passionate about helping you capture your perfect day. Look through our services and see if any of what we offer catches your eye!





The Pros of Having Couple Portraits Before Your Wedding Day

Having Couple Portraits Before Your Wedding Day

For a number of reasons, many couples choose to have couple portraits taken before the day of their actual wedding. These shoots are done either in their full wedding attire, including makeup and hair, or in a more casual style which is more of an engagement shoot. There are several advantages to making that choice for your couples portraits.

A huge advantage of having couple portraits done before your wedding day is that you’re given a delightful collection of photographs that you can put on display on your wedding day, or even use on your invites, or RSVP website.

Some pros of having couple portraits before the wedding day itself

Additional Creative Shots

Having a separate shoot on a different day means you don’t have to settle for a place that’s just close to your ceremony or reception. You will be able to select a location of your choice, and given the number of wedding photo locations in Adelaide alone, there’s sure to be a lot of options. You can even have a photoshoot in a place that means something special to you and your significant other!

Not only will the photos in general improve greatly because of the varying backdrops, but also, the photographer will be able to experiment to see what can work on your big day. Timing is also everything, and it is possible to better schedule specific photos for the best lighting during the day, all the way up to sunset, or perhaps just after sunrise if you’re keen to wake up that early!

Extra Candid Guest Photos

Wedding photographers see time as an incredibly precious resource on a wedding day. Having your couple portraits taken before the actual day of the ceremony and reception means that they have more time on their hands to capture other things. They will be able to spot as well as document more moments that are candid and genuine.

A seemingly quick hour long session for couples portraits, or glamour photos on the day itself can actually keep your photographer for longer when you consider the time spent on preparation and travel time. Traditionally taken as the final step after group photos with family, and before the reception couple portraits can take up much of your day so it can be a big advantage to have already had your photos done in order to spend more time with your guests on your actual day.

Photographer Test Shoot

One of the key aspects of taking on a couples portrait session prior to the wedding day is testing the photographer. See if the communication with them flows well, and if they make you feel comfortable in the first place. Check on things like how well they planned for the shoot, and if they turned up early. Afterwards, look into whether or not the final photos are to your liking and meet your expectations. Also check if you received them on time, and if the quality is up to your standards.

I can’t tell you how many times people who arent overly happy with their wedding photos get in contact with me with the often impossible request to ‘fix’ them for them. This situation can be avoided if you thourghly research your photographer and make sure they ‘fit’ into your day as well as they possibly can.

Getting your couples portraits done before the big day holds a lot of advantages for you and your photographer. There is more space for your photographer to be creative and more time to plan when you have them done on a separate day. On your end, you will be able to have more relaxed photos and, on the day itself, be able to spend more time resting between the wedding ceremony and reception.

Looking for wedding photography packages in Adelaide or around Australia? Contact Sven Studios today! Allow us to capture the precious memories of your wedding day in a fun and relaxed way that you’ll be proud to look at forever!