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Riverland wedding photography by SvenStudios

Trust SvenStudios to weave some magic for your Riverland wedding photography! Leaning on the experience of a wedding photographer who has been shooting weddings since 2011 we would love for the opportunity to shoot your big day!

Having worked in Murray bridge and have traveled all around South Australia, Australia and the World to cover weddings, heading out to the Riverland to cover weddings is something we absolutely cherish and is something we always look forward to!

Whenever we are asked to cover a wedding as a professional photographer, we are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, unmatchable experience and a driven passion to develop your wedding photography into an accurate, natural depiction of the coming together of your love.

Covering Riverland wedding photography is an absolute joy and we would jump at the chance to learn more about your day, be it in Murray Birdge, Robe, Sedan or Loxton! Get in contact to learn more about what we offer!

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Random Review

Steven went above and beyond all expectations that we had for a photographer for our wedding. Absolute champ and a true talent in his profession!
From the moment he arrived at all of the different locations (Myponga, Stirling, Hay Valley), he was straight into capturing our moments. It was never an effort for him to travel all around the hills to our sites. He even got involved in the skeet shooting activity the boys had and blitzed them all. It was fantastic that he was keen to get involved and be part of the day.
He was wonderful at making everyone super relaxed and giving directions so that our pictures were natural. He has an awesome teacher voice so when we were ready for the group guest photo, he wasn’t afraid to get everyone together.
Without a doubt, Steve would have the be the best photographer you could find and there’s no questioning that you’ll be blown away with his ability. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough for capturing the memories of your day. Legend!!!

Alice Sarah


  • Variety

    We pride ourselves in offering a wedding photography solution that captures the absolute essence of your personalities. When considering us for your Riverland wedding photography, you can rest assured we will be bringing the absolute best possible combination of experience, technology and passion in order to best capture your big day!

  • Flexible

    While based out of Adelaide, and the Riverland tends to be a bit of a hike to cover a wedding, our background is actually working in the Riverland and tend to travel quite a bit! Our Hobart, Canberra, Perth and Darwin wedding photography packages are very popular, while also travelling overseas. So hopping over to the Riverland is really no big deal! We’d only charge a travel fee if we need to stay overnight.

  • Artistic & Natural

    The great thing about wedding photography Riverland is that we get to photograph some of the most unique scenes in the entire world, while also joining in on the love story unfolding in front of your eyes!

    The main reason you’re looking to having a professional photographer capture your wedding day is so that you remember your day, along with family and friends with such emotive photography that you feel the emotion you felt in that moment each time you view your wedding photos!

    We approach our wedding photography as if we were writing a story of your love, and you need only look through our portfolio to learn a little about the previous couples we have had the privilege to photograph!

  • Same Sex Wedding Photography Friendly

    Marriage equality is a firm belief of SvenStudios and believe everyone should be able to get married. SvenStudios is LGBTIQ wedding friendly and wouldn’t even think of shooting same sex wedding photography any differently than a hetero wedding! Love for you to read more here.

  • Competely Natural

    There is nothing worse in our mind than being turned into a human mannequin in order to capture super posed shots on what should be the most fluid and natural day of your lives.

    We are firm believers in modern wedding photography, in that we approach a wedding day as more of a photo journalist than a micromanager, allowing us to capture far more natural shots for your Riverland Wedding Photography.

  • Innovative and different photography

    We employ the very best in photographic equipment. Combining this with years of experience and passion for wedding photography your wedding album will be the envy of anyone!

    Going in depth with what we offer in this regard is too hard to go into using just a paragraph, but we offer the use of drone technology, Virtual Reality recording and even underwater unmanned vehicles!

    We’d love to get the chance to play with our toys at your wedding!

  • Local Knowledge

    While we understand that Riverland wedding photography is not confined to a small area like places like Mclaren Vale, or a city. We like to think that we have spent enough time in the Riverland to be knowledgeable about what would and wont work for your wedding photography.

    SvenStudios is based in Adelaide,SA, and you can reach us on Easy Weddings, or ABIA. You can call us on +61 401403080, and we can organise a meeting Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM or other times by appointment. We would love to have a chat about your wedding and what you’d like in your photography package!

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