pt noarlunga wedding

Pt Noarlunga Wedding – Kate & Matt


Kate and Matt held their wedding ceremony in their backyard for an intimate, and simple wedding ceremony amidst the craziness that has come with the COVID-19 restrictions on wedding gatherings. That said however, they did not compromise as their original plan was to get married at a more traditional wedding venue in the future, only to figure they may as well do it right now! So they did woith their nice, simple backyard Pt Noarlunga wedding ceremony.

Pt Noarlunga Backyard Wedding Ceremony

I arrived just before the ceremony was due to take place to Matt and his family putting together some of the finishing touches to the backyard ceremony setting while also playing with their adorable fur baby who was keeping an eye on things. Kate arrived soon after along side a few more family members and the ceremony began immediately.

A lovely, simple affair with Kate and Matt both exchanging their own personal vows before being declared husband and wife. The fun parts were when their dog wanted to join in on the celebrations 🙂

The weather wasn’t the best in the world – but it also wasn’t too cold, nor was it windy, it was just threatening to rain the entire time. Thankfully the rain held off enough for both their ceremony and their glamour shoot down the famed steps of the Onkaparinga River Mouth.

Pt Noarlunga Wedding Photos

Once the certificate was signed, and the family photos were done, we head down to what possibly would be the most photographed set of steps in South Australia – the steps leading down to the beach at the Onkaparinga River Mouth.

If you’re holding a Pt Noarlunga wedding you’re bound to end up here for wedding photos – not just for the steps, but also for the incredible rock formations along the beach which are awesome at high tide to get the whole ‘pride rock’ moment of the bride and groom standing out, surrounded by water.

The entire photoshoot was very laid back, with Kate and Matt super keen to crack a joke and make the most of their big day – and as I was only with them for just over an hour the whole process was over pretty quickly!

I made sure to photoshop in some starwars and lightning bolts in the background to make use of the moody clouds in their backdrop – while also producsing some very heartfelt moments while they were cuddling each other and walking along the boardwalk.

Thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer Kate and Matt! It’s great to get back into the swing of covering weddings again after the COVID restrictions!

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