Beach Wedding Photos

How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

Beach Wedding Photos

Having a wedding by the beach is a dream for most couples, and as an Australian-based wedding photographer I’ve been to my fair share! Particularly at this time of year – it’s warming up and everyone wants to head to the beach!

When you think about a romantic setting, the beach is often on top of the list. Imagine the blue and calm ocean as your ceremony’s background, with the light beaming off the waves, and a cool, delightful sea breeze that embraces you and your guests. That is a special welcome ceremony for starting a new, happy life together.

How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

With this heavenly setting, you can take beautifully-captured wedding photos. If you want breathtaking beach wedding photos to display at home, here are some tips on enhancing an already captivating ceremony, and make the most of your stunning setting!

#1 Find a beach you can own for the day

While tourist beaches probably come to mind first, you might want to find a place that is not too crowded. You will likely find a location that is as good but also peaceful and pristine. Aim for a beach with clear waters, fine sand, and surrounded by hundreds of trees. There are quite a surprising number of these types of beaches available here in Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart!

While these points might seem like a given for most people, sometimes the beaches that some people want to goto can be quite dreadful. Take for example the Hallett Cove Conservation Park here locally, south of Adelaide – stunning surrounds but the entire beach is covered in pebbles – or try setting up a Darwin wedding ceremony on one of their beaches where the sand quickly turns into quicksand and swallows your feet!

Make sure it is also easy to reach for your guests but miles away from civilisation. A private resort or a remote island will be a perfect getaway for all to have a romantic barefoot ceremony and make for some stunning beach wedding photos.

#2 Check the weather and tide forecast

A photo taken during high tide will look different from one taken during low tide. Some beaches will look dry during low tide, which is a crucial detail to know, especially for your photographer. With this information, your photographer should be able to come up with plans to make the setting even more magical than it looks. The team should be able to make informed decisions using tide charts and weather forecasts.

One of my favourite spots to shoot in Darwin is especially succeptible to this! Sometimes there is a beautiful rocky beach to frolick around, while other timese it’s covered in meters of water. Check the tides, a!nd the timing of the sunsets too

#3 Make a beautiful ceremony arbour

A wedding by the beach is beautiful on its own, but add a gorgeous arbour, and you will have a centrepiece that can also serve as a nice backdrop for beach wedding photos. You should carefully choose where to position this arbour, as you want the lighting to be just right for your photos. It;s best for your photographer to position youselves so that the sun is shinging on you from behind, and not to any one side.

Ideally, the ocean should be the view behind the couple. However, if the scene is not camera-friendly, and if the sun is in the wrong direction, you can always create a stunning nature backdrop instead. You can either go big and create an extravagant centrepiece covered with flowers or opt for a minimalistic bamboo arbour.

#4 Make sure you bring appropriate clothing

Wedding attire isn’t what most people would often wear to the beach, and generally can be a bit of a bother when trying to scramble over rocks, or wade through sand – but if you prepare correctly the beach wedding photos you capture can be well worth the effort!

First up are the shoes – bridal heels need to be swapped out for either flats or no shoes at all, while your groom’s hushpuppies are going to be fairly annoying getting filled with sand also. Either dress as though you were going to the beach, or be prepared to have a bunch of people helping you walk about.

A long dress train is bound to get sandy and dirty before your reception – be prepared for this! If you don’t mind a bit of dirt on your special dress, then go to the beach! If not, perhaps stay on the grass or jetties – or not head to the beach all.

You’d usually think about heading to the beach on a hot day too – so if your wedding day turns out this way, perhaps plan for a short shoot in places you’d like to go and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. A 3 piece suit and heavy dresses are not the best outfits in this kind of weather and can actually be dengerous to your health. Make sure you bring plenty of water.

#5 Guests attire can also be thematic

What you wear will affect how your photos will look, and the same goes for your bridesmaids and guests. Choose outfits that are stylish and weatherproof, and remind your guests to do the same as well. Avoid feautres like facinators that will easily be blown by the wind so you can be comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Since your wedding is not a traditional church wedding, you can be more creative with your approach. Instead of the traditional veil, try using a floral crown. You can also choose bohemian gowns that are perfect for beach celebrations. If you choose to do so, do not forget to pick a groom’s suit that matches your dress. More importantly, add accessories and statement pieces to make the wedding photos stand out.

A beach wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not take for granted. Even if your chosen setting is already a beautiful sight, following the tips mentioned in this article can help you elevate the experience and ensure that all your beach wedding photos will be as magical as you imagined.


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