9 Picture Perfect Moments you need to shoot at a wedding

8 Picture Perfect Moments you need to shoot at a wedding

As a wedding photographer, one of the foremost requirements is to have “the eye” for taking good photos, find ing the picture perfect moments in a day that just need to be taken. There are some moments in wedding photography that you know from experience will make for the best images. I’ve put together a list in the past for some of the most important wedding photos you need to capture, but this list is a little more direct, and more of a list of what most people tend to expect in their wedding photography without any fuss. More focussing on the wedding ceremony itself.

Whether you’re in the wedding photography business or just an avid fan of tear-jerking moments, here are nine of the most picture perfect moments in weddings that you simply have to capture on camera.

Picture Perfect Moments leading up to the Ceremony

The Details

The bride and groom spent copious amounts of time in picking out the details of the wedding—so capturing them on camera is a good way to show appreciation. The flowers, the layout, and the program are merely some of the things you can zoom in on.

The Venue

Taking a panoramic shot of the wedding venue is always one of the best shots. The venue is one of the things that couples take so much time in choosing and reserving—a nice photo of the place makes for a perfect photo.

The Guests

A few shots of the guests milling about, finding their seats, and chatting joyously to each other makes for powerful photographs. Candid photos like these aren’t just picturesque, but they add colour and excitement to the wedding portfolio.

The Groom

More often than not, the groom will arrive first on the scene ahead of the bride. Some photos of his arrival and preparation, as well as zooming into his face for emotion are good picture perfect moments in the album. Make sure to watch out for him walking down the aisle, most of Groom’s emotions about the ceremony start showing there. Be on standby to capture his face when he sees the bride—these emotion-filled moments are the perfect time for photography.

The Bride

The bride will definitely be the star of the show, so documenting her from start to end is a must. As soon as the bridal car arrives, try to capture her inside up to the moment she steps out. Some close-up photos of her face before her entrance is definitely a necessity—and taking a picture of her entrance is an absolute must.

Picture Perfect Moments During the Ceremony

The Traditions

As the ceremony begins, ensure to capture the various traditions involved. Whether it’s lighting the unity candle, stomping on glass or hand fasting—these small gestures define the couple and the lives they live, making for a picture perfect moment and representation of themselves. If they write their own vows, it’s also the perfect time to zoom in and capture their emotions on camera.

The Reactions

While the guests may not have that big of a role in the ceremony, their reactions to various things happening is a key to capturing the story of a ceremony. This is where your photographer’s eye comes in, watching out for any sudden streaks of emotion which would make for picture perfect moments. More often than not, this will elicit some laughter and joy—further driving this joyous occasion.

The Kiss

Undoubtedly, capturing the kiss is basic for wedding photographers. No wedding is complete without this shot—as well as the couple’s reaction right after.




Weddings are the perfect avenue for capturing beautiful moments on camera. With a couple of shots, you can be a part of something much greater than yourself—even if just for a few moments.


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